Ballgagged in the bathroom

BL014 | Posted by Gina on 24 February 2007

Another member request! I am getting so much requests it’s hard to keep up! This time you see me in the bathroom brushing my hair while ballgagged, yep that’s really something I do almost every day πŸ™‚ I think you know by now I love my ballgag πŸ˜‰

Prisoner in the forest

BL013 | Posted by Gina on 17 February 2007

My website is growing! Quite a few new members joined, thank you all!! This encourages me to continue! Here is another member’s request: me in handcuffs and legirons in the forest, like an escaped prisoner. I don’t have any problems at all walking in legirons, so I wonder why they are used?

Me trying out a lot of stuff

BL012 | Posted by Gina on 10 February 2007

Today, there is just an update of me trying all kinds of stuff. A ballgag, a posture collar, two pairs of hinged handcuffs, and legirons. Some nice positions and a cool video of me trying to unlock everything! This was shot in the beginning so I don’t know how the cuffs work which is really funny πŸ™‚

Waking up in the fiddle

BL011 | Posted by Gina on 03 February 2007

As promised, an update of me sleeping in the fiddle. I can unlock myself if I put the lock on top, but it’s very difficult because it is not a model ‘8’ fiddle but a model ‘oo’ fiddle. You will see what I mean if you look at the picture set! Check out the video clips of me sleeping and waking up (stupid alarm clock) in the RigidFiddle!!