Daily life – gag and armbinder

BL422 | Posted by Gina on 13 December 2014

You know I have set myself a rule that I can not watch tv (or use the computer) when I am not restrained and gagged. I have done so for over 8 years, so I am used to it. Even some of my friends know! Usually I am in a pair of handcuffs and ballgag when I am watching tv, because that is the only thing I can do to myself. But occassionally I have some help so I get to wear more restrictive gear on my couch! Yay!! Today I am in a tight latex armbinder and tight ballgag! This is so much fun!

Hogcuffed prisoner

BL421 | Posted by Gina on 06 December 2014

Funny! This prisoner outfit is a bit too big, so I really have to wear a belt with it! Fortunately, I have the perfect belt for a prison jumpsuit! I was happily cuffed and shackled, when I suddenly realised: what if I put the handcuffs on the back of the belt!! That was even more restrictive! And then… of course… It all went on from there! A hogcuff was unavoidable! Oh well, I should have seen it coming…

Locked in chains and boots

BL420 | Posted by Gina on 29 November 2014

A black and white update! As requested, I am wearing these awesome white boots that a fan sent me! They are great for partying! But they are even better with some leg irons! I am also locked in a tight waist chain with double handcuffs on each side, and collared, and gagged with a white ballgag. No way I can take out the gag, because my hands are so tightly cuffed to my waist. Then the excess chain on the back is attached to the leg irons, so I can not stand up anymore! Great!!!

Stuck to the radiator

BL419 | Posted by Gina on 22 November 2014

So why does everyone want to see me chained by my neck all of a sudden? πŸ˜€ Do you think I’m a doggie? I need training? I don’t need training! I am fully gag trained (jaw), chastity trained (wore a belt from 2008 to 2010), and collared (admittedly not by anyone, just by myself). I can sleep in handcuffs or any other restraints, I can be gagged for longer than anyone I know, and I have been in a straitjacket for almost a day! Why does everyone think I need more training! Are you just being mean?

Opera gloves

BL418 | Posted by Gina on 15 November 2014

Long black gloves are awesome if you want to go out to a fancy club or restaurant! I have a new pair now, they are super soft and very long! I love to wear them with leather cuffs, because that looks so great! I am cuffed behind my back and there is a large latex ballgag in my mouth, but you will have to come up with something better than this, because I can always escape! I can reach my mouth even with my hands cuffed behind my back, so this gag is not going to stay in for long!! Wahahahhaa!!

Clothes washing time

BL417 | Posted by Gina on 08 November 2014

For years, I have made household chores more interesting by doing them in restraints (and gags). Doing laundry is one of the worst tasks, so I love doing that in as many restraints as possible. I am tightly waist chained and cuffed with leather padlocked cuffs. I’m also leg ironed and tightly gagged of course. My attic is a bit of a mess, so it is taking me a lot of time to sort my laundry and to get it in and out of the machines. Oh well, I hope I will make someone a perfect housewife someday…


BL416 | Posted by Gina on 01 November 2014

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to wear handcuffs and leg irons to a sauna!? Well, it would, but I forgot to take off my bath robe, and it’s impossible to remove it now. This sauna is steaming hot, and my collar and cuffs are getting terribly sweaty. Still, I love a good sauna, it makes me relax and I finally have some time to check my phone and read some magazines! Have you ever worn any restraints to a sauna?

Ball gagged nurse in Rigid fiddle

BL415 | Posted by Gina on 25 October 2014

Ok this may seem silly, but I have received a new strap for my trusty red ball gag. It is a white strap! I can change the strap and the gag can now be red and white, so I started to call it my ‘nurse gag’. I wanted to show you this new gag, but for some reason it ended up being a full dress-up shoot with a latex nurse uniform, knee-high white boots, and a rigidfiddle. Maybe I overdo things sometimes! πŸ™‚ But I guess it looks pretty good, and you can see why the gag is called the ‘nurse gag’!!! Hahahhaha lol πŸ˜€

Windy walk

BL414 | Posted by Gina on 18 October 2014

Autumn has come, so it is getting colder! And definitely more windy! Wow, I was out on one of my regular bondage walks, and it was really storming! Good thing I was secured haha πŸ™‚ I think it is going to be one of my last bondage walks this year (unless there is snow, I love snow bondage walks!). I was secured in leg irons over low boots (as requested by a fan) and locked in Irish 8 handcuffs. I tried them in front and behind the back, and I think I like them behind the back more if I’m taking a walk (wrists crossed). It is more relaxed! I hope you are enjoying your bondage walks too, I know many of you do!!

The escape trial

BL413 | Posted by Gina on 11 October 2014

Here is a member requested escape challenge: I am handcuffed to my chastity belt in the back!! To add some difficulty, I am also leg ironed AND elbow cuffed with hinged handcuffs!! When I got this request, the member wasn’t aware that this would require two different keys. He was also not aware that it’s impossible to escape from elbow cuffs because forearms are too long for that. But what he (and I) did not expect was that I wouldn’t be able to escape at all!! This is a good position!

Self cuffing outdoors!

BL412 | Posted by Gina on 04 October 2014

It’s a great feeling to lock one pair of handcuffs to each wrist and go outside! Imagine what you can lock yourself to! And in how much trouble you can get if someone sees you! I think it is so exciting! Always use two pairs of cuffs, then you can cuff your arms wide apart so you can not escape! Unfortunately, the weather is getting colder, so I can not do as many outdoor updates as usual, but let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

Full upper body brace

BL411 | Posted by Gina on 27 September 2014

I love medical bondage devices! This is a special extra small upper body brace with neck and head support. When you are strapped into this, you can not move your head at all. Not from side to side, but your neck is also rigid. No movement. If you want to bend over or turn, your whole body has to move. It is such a strange feeling, I love it! I almost want to get involved in a car crash so I have to wear this for a few months! It is really that good! Obviously, it would be better to find someone strict who would keep me in this for a long time. I think I can even sleep in this!

Afternoon sleep

BL410 | Posted by Gina on 20 September 2014

Just a quick nap! Do you ever do this? I think it is too dangerous to sleep whole nights in a ballgag, but I can take naps! I just cuff myself and play with my phone until I fall asleep. The only problem is drooling! You drool so much sleeping ballgagged! It is like waking up in a sea of drool! I know, that doesn’t sound very pleasant. Please do not try this at home, or make sure you have a loving partner who will stay awake and watch over you. You could suffocate in your own drool if you are not experienced!!

Chained to the bridge

BL409 | Posted by Gina on 13 September 2014

A risky update! I am chained to a metal bridge that runs across a small stretch of water! My handcuffs are attached to a long chain, but I can not get off the bridge! It was very exciting because this bridge is part of a very busy hiker’s trail in Holland, what if people would have seen me! I think there were a few young guys who were looking at me, but I am not sure! And when I finally got the key back to unlock myself, I almost dropped it! I would have been stuck forever! OMG this is so risky, don’t try it at home (although you probably don’t have a metal bridge at home).

Pink armbinder and chastity belt

BL408 | Posted by Gina on 06 September 2014

This will be the last update in my pink soft armbinder! I have sold it to a fan! It is a nice armbinder, especially the color, but it doesn’t really work very well, it is way too soft to be effective. I like the design, with the straps, and it is very comfortable to wear, but I will use the money that I got for it to buy more gear, probably something more restrictive! Do you have any suggestions what to buy? I have so much stuff already! What am I missing!?

Mouth spreader and leather cuffs

BL407 | Posted by Gina on 30 August 2014

Do you remember one of my favorite updates where I was outdoors, being trained with my mouth spreader (which I couldn’t really wear for a long time back then)? That was great! And then I did it again! And I got better at it! And then, a year later, I spent an entire afternoon in a fiddle and chastity belt with the mouth spreader! It was great! But I have neglected to train my mouth spreader skills, and I think my jaw has tightened again. So it was about time I went outdoors again to walk around with a gaping mouth. Just because I like it. Except when bugs fly into my mouth…

Bound in chastity belt

BL406 | Posted by Gina on 23 August 2014

Well, here I am with my wrists cuffed to my chastity belt, and my elbows tied to the ceiling! I think it is a good way to train me wearing high heels (because I will take them off whenever I can). I have also received new high heel locking straps, which may be a better idea than this method hahaha πŸ™‚ But I loved this position, there is really nothing I can do! Except spin around… and around!


BL405 | Posted by Gina on 16 August 2014

You know, I think the summer should last forever! There is so much opportunity to go out and play! I have seen this big log in the forest several times now, and every time I fantasized about being hogtied on top of it! Well, this week I finally got what I wanted! I have to say, it is a very different sensation! Usually I struggle a bit in a hogtie, but here I can not move too much or I will slide and fall off the side of the log, which would be very bad as you can imagine! I just hope no one finds me here!

Metal mitts struggle

BL404 | Posted by Gina on 09 August 2014

I have borrowed these metal mitts from www.metalbondage.com!! They are extremely evil, because you can not use your hands at all! And when you are gagged, there is just no way of removing your gag! I love these things!! They are from Pakistan apparently, these people really make some awesome stuff! I want to get a pair of my own! Watch out though, don’t come near, they are great to hit someone with!! Hahhahah πŸ˜€

Walking without talking

BL403 | Posted by Gina on 02 August 2014

I love gagged summer walks!! And I know for a fact that some of you like them too! Mainly my fans from Scandinavia, strangely enough. It seems to be rather common there to take long gagged walks in restraints! Maybe I should move there! I love strolling through the woods in restraints and gag, but in Holland it is so crowded you always bump into someone, walking their dog. And they never say anything, they just think I’m strange… probably…