Pink latex tape bondage

BL320 | Posted by Gina on 29 December 2012

I like the latex tape, even though it is not very secure bondage! It looks great, and I loooooooove pink. So here is another attempt (actually a request) to wrap me up in this stuff! Breathing through my nose was kind of hard, because I had a cold, but I am used to this because I am gag trained (have been for more than 6 years). Escaping from this tape is not as hard as it seems, so next time I will need to add some metal cuffs, that would really make it a great experience!!

Rolling around for a few hours

BL319 | Posted by Gina on 22 December 2012

A great way to spend the days before Xmas? Locked in something awesome like a stock for a few hours! Three hours to be exact. It got kind of boring because I could not move at all, and I had to go to the toilet really bad. I tried making funny faces, and rolling around. I have enough training in these stocks now, so that I can sit up again after I fall over (I never could do that before). The top of my Christmas outfit slipped down (in the video clip) while doing so, that was very awkward because I could not do anyting about it! But as you can see I am still very merry! 🙂 Have a nice Xmas everyone!

Ballet boot maid

BL318 | Posted by Gina on 15 December 2012

I asked myself: why do I never see any ballet boot videos where the girl is shackled?! I have been practising in ballet boots for over 6 years, and it is still very hard for me, but adding ankle cuffs does not make any difference (it just looks hot!), because it is not limiting the stride that is already very short in ballet boots. If anything, tight leg irons actually help to get more ankle stability. Okay, it might be very dangerous when I fall (and remember I am handcuffed too), but I guess I will just have to prevent any accidents by cleaning the room like a good maid, and not falling over!

Latex and metal chastity

BL317 | Posted by Gina on 08 December 2012

This is my favorite outfit in the house nowadays: my green latex catsuit, with my chastity belt locked on top. My belt has side D-rings, so I can lock my wrists to it. Believe me, there is absolutely no way of getting any satisfaction when I am walking around like this. The latex and the belt are very effective against horniness! And when you gag me (with a latex gag), I can not reach it. The gag will stay in place, and I am forced to remain like this until someone decides my fate. Watch me all locked up in latex and high heels!

Tied in the stairway

BL316 | Posted by Gina on 01 December 2012

Hmmm, I am all tied up in the stairway on the third floor! But then again, it is rope bondage, so I should be able to escape whwhahahaha!!! If you want to restrain me, then you need to use metal!!! Metal is the best! I have to admit, rope looks pretty good (and cute) on girls, that is true. By the way, who made that ballgag so tight? That was not so nice 😉