Chastity belt stress

BL517 | Posted by Gina on 08 October 2016

I told Roxanne I was feeling a little stressed. It’s this chastity belt. After my 2 year wearing period in 2008-2010, I swore never to wear a chastity belt again. And all of you (fans) kept asking me, begging me even… until one fan bought me a NeoSteel. Custom made for me. And I couldn’t resist. So now I am locked in the belt again, but I don’t think I will ever break my old record. I’ve only been belted for 3 months and it is very hard. Roxanne (who has one of my keys) always comforts me and gives me massages. Which I really need very badly!! Super stressed at the moment. I hate AND love my belt!

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  1. such an erotic scene !!! both lovelies wearing handcuffs also !!! it can’t get much better than that !!

  2. Gina, why have you not shown us the secondary shield for your belt prior to this? It must certainly add to the level of control Roxanne has over you as well as enforcing the psychological aspect of your bondage.

  3. Any record can be broken. It just takes will power. You have done it before so you can do it again and I will be here to watch you every step of the way. 😉

  4. Sweetheart, I hope being belted becomes easier for you. Fortunately your friend is awesome. I would like to be locked in a chastity belt, too so I know how it feels.

  5. Gina, who has two other keys?

  6. Gina – Is that an anal child I see on your belt? Something new?

  7. Gina ? Is that an anal shield I see on your belt? Something new?

  8. Gina, You look great, but what really turns me on is your pink g shock!!..where is it?

  9. You are doing great. Just remember that a chastity belt is not about being chaste forever. It’s about giving up control. There might be ways for you to get a brief moment without the belt but it should not be on your terms.

    And I’m still trying to get you that SM factory collar, but it is difficult.

  10. Roxanne needs a chastity too !

  11. Who has the 2 other keys of your chastity belt Gina? You should just give all of them to Roxanne and she can keep them in separate safe places that once she will know. But you shouldn’t, in my opinion, give 3 separate people a key each. Someone might give in and actually give you the key too easily if you ask them and this defeats the purpose. Having one strong-willed keyholder is key and I think Roxanne plays the role very well.

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