The head bondage device

BL450 | Posted by Gina on 27 June 2015

The stuff you are sending!! Who is inventing this! Really? A head bondage thing that suspends your head from the ceiling with leather straps? Actually it is not that bad, the idea is pretty good! It was nice that I could rest my head and my chin looks really good in this! And it is red! Very nice! I rummaged through my leather collection to find matching cuffs, and I ended up having a lot of fun (and looking silly at the same time)!

Sweeping the floor in ballet boots

BL449 | Posted by Gina on 20 June 2015

Sometimes even I need to do boring things, like clean the house. But I always seem to find a way to make these things fun! Sweeping the floor is boring, but if you do it in ballet heels, it is suddenly a lot more fun! I can’t believe how far I have come, training myself to walk in these heels! For the fans that have been following me since the start, remember my first wobbly steps?? Hahah, that was so funny!

Cuffed next to highway

BL448 | Posted by Gina on 13 June 2015

Summer fun! I went out in my speedcuffs and leg irons, for a little walk, like I often do! I know a lot of you also like to walk in cuffs, so I hope this summer will bring you a lot of fun! I was near a highway, so I could wave a the cars, and I think they could see me! It was probably a good thing they couldn’t stop! I wonder what they were all thinking!

Latex fun

BL447 | Posted by Gina on 06 June 2015

Some people have been asking if I have a hood! No I don’t! I never tried a full hood and I think it would be scary! But I do have this latex hood! And a latex top! And latex pants! And latex gloves! And latex socks! And a latex gag! And a latex sheet! That’s actually a lot of latex, most of it was donated by generous fans! I decided to have some fun with it, not exactly bondage, but it is very fetishy to make it all shiny and slippery!