Thigh high boots

BL380 | Posted by Gina on 22 February 2014

Member request! A fan sent me thigh high platform boots and white rope! He wanted to see me tied up in the rope, wearing the boots (obviously). Well, here I am! I love these boots, they make a tiny Gina very tall! The rope is a bit thick I think, but it works nicely, and I couldn’t escape from the chair (well, at least I got one rope off. Do you like these boots? I think they would look good in leg irons! Any other suggestions? 😀

Straitjacket and leg irons

BL379 | Posted by Gina on 15 February 2014

I love a few good hours in a straitjacket! Most straitjacket sessions can be over 4 hours, because it is not hurting me, actually it is pretty comfortable! Leg irons, of course, and then just roll around and struggle for a bit! I can actually be in a straitjacket for a loooong time, but only when the tv is on, otherwise I will be very bored. I just wished there was a job that would require me to be in a straitjacket all day! It’s so cozy and safe!

Heavy hogcuff

BL378 | Posted by Gina on 08 February 2014

You said that you miss the times when I used to cuff my elbows in the heavy weight Clejuso number 15 handcuffs! And you are right! I used to do that all the time 5 or 6 years ago! You don’t see that often on the internet, a girl with heavy Clejusos on her elbows! So here is my version of a heavy Clejuso hogcuff! It uses two pairs of the beasts, weighing over 3 kilos on my arms, and a pair of leg irons so I can not get up! It is impossible to escape, I don’t even try, because even if I can unlock the wrist cuffs, I will never be able to unlock my own elbows!!! Do you want some heavy Clejusos for yourself? I can get you a good deal 😉

My rule for using my phone

BL377 | Posted by Gina on 01 February 2014

As you all know by now, I have my own rules for watching TV and using the internet. I have to be gagged AND restrained. This is a self imposed rule, and I have done this for over 6 years. Most of you have chatted with me, emailed me, or written me on FetLife, and the answers you got were all sent when I was gagged and cuffed. Nowadays, with my smart phone, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain this rule. I can not quickly check my messages or emails when I am in public. I have to wait until I get home, gag myself, cuff myself, and then look at my phone. It is becoming very hard, but I have been doing okay so far!! Do you have your own little rules? Let me know!