I tried the most brutal gag ever! 💧💦😱

BL716 | Posted by Roxy on 27 February 2021

A member request for me to try the most brutal gag ever! It is called a tongue port gag. It has a large rubber thing that goes deep into your mouth, holding your tongue down. It was so large, I had to focus very hard to keep me from gagging. Then the drool came, it can’t be stopped. Rivers and rivers of drool come out when you are wearing this gag. I needed to be rescued by Sir at the end, it was the hardest thing I have ever done! It’s an insane gag, and I hope I won’t have to do it again EVER!

Nose hook? 🐽🤷‍♀️

BL715 | Posted by Roxy on 20 February 2021

I saw Gina do this, and I asked Sir about it. He made me try it! It’s a nose hook! Seriously, what will they think of next! This is a bondage item? Well, I tried it, and I didn’t like it. It makes me look very silly. Like a pig! Why would anyone like this? Apparently, Sir loved it, he couldn’t stop laughing!!

A gift!! 🍆🍆🍆😂

BL714 | Posted by Roxy on 13 February 2021

Sir got me a gift! But I was only allowed to open it while I was in handcuffs. Well, it turns out you can’t really tear plastic when you are in cuffs, it’s impossible to move your hands apart far enough. It took me a while, but I finally managed to unpack my gift! He is so cute! I am going to call him Eggie! I love huge eggplants 🤭🍆❤️

Member request: long gloves

BL713 | Posted by Roxy on 06 February 2021

Yess a member request! I love doing your suggestions and ideas! I hope I will get many more. This time I was asked to wear long gloves while trying to escape Irish8’s behind my back. Well, I’m pretty sure that is impossible, but I tried it anyway! The request also mentioned a dress and heels, so I am ready to go out (to the opera?) and I think the gloves actually look amazing! They make it a little harder to handle a key actually, because they are so smooth!