I tried an armbinder 😃🙏

BL720 | Posted by Roxy on 27 March 2021

Look at this cute armbinder! I love the color! Of course, I wanted to try it to see if I could escape. This is the difference between me and Sir: I want to try it (briefly) to get out, but he wants to keep me in it for as long as possible, for my training. Of course, I failed to escape, so I was stuck in this armbinder until I was released. Why do I always get myself in these situations! I enjoyed it though! It’s a lot better than nipple clamps training days!

Irish nipple clamps training? ☘️🍀

BL719 | Posted by Roxy on 20 March 2021

Sir said we should celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by doing some more nipple clamps training. I don’t understand? What does that have to do with torturing my nipples? I had to gag and clamp and cuff myself and just stand there. These clamps hurt so much! After the training, I still didn’t understand the connection, but I am trying to be good and listen to my Sir! Do you like to see me get tortured (I wonder?) or do you feel sorry for me!?

Makeup in cuffs! 💄

BL718 | Posted by Roxy on 13 March 2021

Sir is training me to live in cuffs. I have the same rules as Gina before. Using a computer or phone or anything with a screen (TV, tablet), I have to be cuffed and gagged. But I try to do more in cuffs. Like my makeup. That is not so easy as it sounds. See today’s pictures and video to find out why it is quite hard!

This thing is weird 😶

BL717 | Posted by Roxy on 06 March 2021

Today, Sir put me in this thing with 3 holes. It is very small, it barely fits my neck and wrists! I was completely stuck and helpless! The only thing I could do was turn my wrists. I don’t know what to think about this, can’t see myself just standing around for hours wearing this! Sir however, liked it. Of course. Poor me!!