Heavy elbow cuffs

BL324 | Posted by Gina on 26 January 2013

I was browsing some websites this week, and I suddenly realised that I might be the inventor of this position: the heavy Clejuso handcuffs on the elbows! I already did this in 2007 on my website, and in private maybe many years before that. I have never seen anyone do it before that date! Why is that so great? Well, it is one of the best positions ever! Even if you have the key, you can not escape, because your forearms are longer than the distance between the cuffs. Don’t get it? Watch this week’s video!!

Trash bag bondage

BL323 | Posted by Gina on 19 January 2013

I think I need some help here! Not because I am taped up in a bunch of trash bags, by member request, but I could really use some help on how to do this so I can not escape. I love doing requests, but this one was far too easy to escape. I can not seem to work out how to be properly taped up in garbage bags! It seems I can always escape. Maybe I should handcuff myself first? Any other tips or tricks?

Fan parcel surprise!

BL322 | Posted by Gina on 12 January 2013

Wow, a fan sent me a box full of numbered parcels and an instruction letter! I have to put on everything I find in the parcels in the numbered order, and I am soooooo curious what is inside! What if I don’t like it? I still have to put it on! Fortunately, I only found lovely things, like a white latex shirt, a new pair of pants, a jacket, latex gloves, a harness muzzle gag, and many more items! Can you believe it, it was layer after layer and I put it all on me until I was in hot sweaty tight bondage! I love getting fan parcels!


BL321 | Posted by Gina on 05 January 2013

It is me in a shiny full body straitjacket thingie! A straitdress, I’d like to call it! I feel like a snake, wriggling around all tied up and gagged! I love this feeling! And I can even lie down and stand up again, can you believe that? Yes, I am good! Please keep me in this thing for a few hours, and don’t let me out! I could even sleep in this! It’s so comfy!