Leather pants

BL045 | Posted by Gina on 29 September 2007

Lots of members seem to like leather clothing! One member even sent me a pair of leather pants! And a red leather belt and some handcuffs! I love the pants, they are so tight I can not even sit up to undo my legirons 🙂 Watch the video to hear the leather creak, it’s really tight!

Putting on my shoes

BL044 | Posted by Gina on 22 September 2007

Some Nike-action as requested! In this update I will put on my shoes! Not that difficult you would say… well, it is tricky when your hands are cuffed to your collar with 4 pairs of handcuffs (of which 2 pairs are hinged)!

Catsuit Gina

BL043 | Posted by Gina on 15 September 2007

A member sent me a Gina-sized catsuit!! I really feel like SuperGina when I’m wearing it! Add my custom made collar and cuffs, some legirons, toe cuffs, and a ball gag and it makes a great hogtie update!! You have to see this if you like catsuits (especially the hogtie video)!!

Metal gag

BL042 | Posted by Gina on 08 September 2007

I got a new toy! A metal gag that screws on to my head 😉 It can not be taken off unless you have a screwdriver, and I am not used to that, as you can see in the (long) video of me trying to take it off, after doing some crossword puzzles in my collar, handcuffs and new metal gag!

The great escape

BL041 | Posted by Gina on 01 September 2007

A little challenge for me: cuffed between two trees in the forest, can I get free? Impossible, you would say.. well not for Amazing Gina! Watch how I get out of this position by myself in this week’s video! If you want to restrain me, you have to do better than this 😉