Panther catsuit!

BL524 | Posted by Gina on 26 November 2016

Raaaaaaaaaaaaawr! I’m a panther! Or leopard. I don’t know exactly what I am, but I love it! It is a tight spandex catsuit which covers everything, even the hands and feet. There are eye holes and a mouth hole, that’s it! With a thick leather collar locked over it, I can not even take it off. I’m pet Gina! Who wants to have a pet Gina? I love pet play!

I needed another massage

BL523 | Posted by Gina on 19 November 2016

It is really getting more and more tough to be in the chastity belt. I am barely getting through the day sometimes, a girl has needs too!! Maybe it was easier years ago, but I think I may be too horny at the moment. The belt is often completely wet on the inside, and I have to take a shower to clean it. It is a lot of work! I am getting more and more stressed. Roxanne is one of my 3 keyholders, and she sometimes gives me a massage, but I think I am about to give up! Do you think I should give up?

Selfie time!

BL522 | Posted by Gina on 12 November 2016

The fan who sent me this custom made NeoSteel belt has asked me to take a lot of selfies regularly, to prove I’m still wearing it. Well here is a collection of those selfies and even a few pictures of me going shopping in the belt. I am locked into this belt 24/7. There are 3 keys, all held by different persons. They help me every day to take my daily break (only 1 break per day for toilet – big one / number 2 – and shower). I can pee in the belt and even showering will be no problem soon, I am really getting used to it! Actually I feel VERY weird if I am out of the belt. I will try to break my old record of 2008-2010: no touching myself, no orgasms for over 2 years! I can do it!

Elbow cuffing Roxanne

BL521 | Posted by Gina on 05 November 2016

Roxanne told me she is not that flexible. So I made her a bet. I said she could easily be cuffed at her elbows with a pair of short hinged cuffs. Roxanne said there was no way she could do that! Of course, I was right, although it was not easy for poor Roxanne, it was her first elbow cuffing ever. Or at least, her first one that was this tight! By the way, I gagged her during this bet, I don’t know why, so don’t ask me hahah, I guess I just automatically assume a gag is needed for these kinds of things.