Shock collar escape challenge 🤯⚡️

BL807 | Posted by Roxy on 26 November 2022

Okay, don’t try this at home. No really. Don’t.
I’m locked in two pairs of Irish8 cuffs. And I have to try and escape while getting shocked. I am very bad at escaping, and getting huge zaps to the neck doesn’t really help… I really hope people stop requesting shock updates hahaha 😂

Vintage school girl dress ➖🔴➖👩‍🏫

BL806 | Posted by Roxy on 19 November 2022

This is an authentic vintage school girl dress! I don’t know from which school, or from which country, but it is amazing! Do you know more about this uniform? I wish I had one of these when I was in school. Well, today I am back in school, but it is not as easy as I remember. Not sure if I was stocked and gagged in class, but I would love it if this became a school standard!

LIPS cuffs and shiny gloves 🧤💙

BL805 | Posted by Roxy on 12 November 2022

As often requested by a certain fan (you know who you are): I’m wearing shiny long gloves and handcuffs! It is actually a very nice feeling to have gloves locked on your arms. And it makes it a little harder to handle the key… but not much. I tried to find out if I could unlock the handcuffs myself. It was easy, until I put them on with the keyholes facing away from my hands!! Oops!

Me and Kerry in prison 🔒🗝️❤️

BL804 | Posted by Roxy on 05 November 2022

I went to the BondageTimeout prison cell again! But this time, I wasn’t alone. I took my friend Kerry from Scotland, because we wanted to get jailed together! We spent an entire afternoon in waist chains, handcuffs, leg irons, and neck cuffs! It was so much fun! My friend Kerry loves bondage just as much as I do, and we both wished we could stay there forever! Life in chains is the best!!