Dishes 🍽🚰

BL724 | Posted by Roxy on 24 April 2021

The rules I live by are quite simple. I have to be cuffed and gagged whenever I use a device (phone, table, computer) or when I am watching TV. Many of you have the same rules, you have told me by email. But that doesn’t mean I am not cuffed and gagged during other times of the day. For example, Sir cuffs and gags me when I am doing the dishes and when I am cleaning the house. I am also often gagged just for training, to be able to wear my gags longer and longer. Do you have specific training rules from your Dominant? Please comment below!! I love to read them!

The spreader thing 🐢

BL723 | Posted by Roxy on 17 April 2021

I tried this spreader thing! It is very funny, I was totally helpless! All I could do was roll over on my back, but then I was stuck and couldn’t get up. Like a turtle! The keys were right in front of me, but there was no hope of escaping this thing. So frustrating! And then Sir pushed me onto my back again and tickled me! So mean! This thing is fun but super frustrating!

Mouth spreaders! 😲👄

BL722 | Posted by Roxy on 10 April 2021

Sir has these two different mouth spreaders. One is covered in black rubber and has ratchets on both sides. The other one has a ratchet on one side but it opens even further!! I was super curious to try them both. Sir was very surprised I could even take the big one to the maximum level. Yes, I have a big mouth!! They are perfect for giving blowjobs, says Sir… Well I am not going to post that on the website, but I think he will make me try it! Email me if you want to see it haha ;D

I went to prison 😱💟

BL721 | Posted by Roxy on 03 April 2021

Just like Gina, I wanted to visit the jail cell at too! It’s a place in the Netherlands where you can get locked up, with real cuffs and uniforms, and an actual female prison guard! I choose a pink uniform, because I think it’s cuter than the standard orange one. My mugshots were taken and I was cuffed and locked in the cell. I asked to be hogcuffed, because I wanted to be more restricted! The guard was so lovely! She even asked me if I would like to come and work there to lock up some guys with her! Might think about it!