Chatting in heavy irons

BL053 | Posted by Gina on 24 November 2007

New harness gag and boots!

BL052 | Posted by Gina on 17 November 2007

I love getting presents from members! You are sending me the best stuff to shoot with, which is amazing! A member sent me these beautiful white boots and a harness ball gag, so I just HAD to do an update with them 🙂 I hope you like my new stuff too!

Another hogtie try

BL051 | Posted by Gina on 10 November 2007

You know that feeling? One minute you’re reading a magazine in posture collar and leather cuffs, the next minute you’re hogtied! Your ankles tied to your harness ring gag, drooling like mad! Well, I guess it’s all in a bound life…

BoundLife Showering

BL050 | Posted by Gina on 03 November 2007

A bound life involves bound showering 🙂 So I decided to dedicate this update to me taking a shower… in collar, handcuffs, legirons and ball gag! It?s a little harder to take a shower like this, but much more fun! So come on in and see the pictures and video of me in the shower 😉