Wheelchair bound 👩‍🦽⛓️

BL764 | Posted by Roxy on 29 January 2022

I found this old wheelchair, and I was rolling around in it… until Sir spotted me and cuffed me to it. I was handcuffed and ankle cuffed to the wheelchair all day, which was pretty inconvenient, because now I had to go everywhere in this thing. I guess that’s how it feels for people who are actually in a wheelchair, there is no choice. I think it was a valuable lesson for me. Also, it is really hard to roll when you’re handcuffed to the chair! LOL 🙂

Smoking break 🚬

BL763 | Posted by Roxy on 22 January 2022

A lot of you have asked me if I smoke. Yes, I do. I know it is not good for me, but it is hard to quit. There are many people who have asked me to do a smoking update. Here it is! I am only allowed to smoke in cuffs though, which is REALLY hard. Because I can only smoke outside and then people stare at my handcuffs. So I smoke by the window sometimes. For which I will get punished undoubtedly. What would you do to make me quit smoking?

I was stuck IN a table 🔒😆

BL762 | Posted by Roxy on 15 January 2022

Yes, you read that right. Sir showed me this table with holes in it and he locked me in it! Unfortunately, my hands didn’t fit in the wrist holes because it was at the wrong angle, but my neck did! It was a very tight fit, I had to remove my collar for this! I haven’t removed my collar much in over 2 years I think, that was weird. Sir even gagged me with a 2 inch gag so my lower jaw was completely stuck. There was nothing I could do, even though my hands were free, because I could not reach the padlock. It was an interesting afternoon! My life is so strange!

Zentai bondage 🔷🙏

BL761 | Posted by Roxy on 08 January 2022

Wow I love this shoot! It looks so cool 🙂 I was wearing a zentai bodysuit (with hands and feet!), it felt so smooth and soft! I said I was like a gymnast, which was a big mistake of course, because then Sir wanted to test my flexibility again and tied my elbows all the way together! That was tight! A large gag made me drool a lot… all over my beautiful bodysuit! What a day this was, I want to do it again!!

I tried a milking machine! 🐄🤪

BL760 | Posted by Roxy on 01 January 2022

Whaha, this was so funny! I was really interested in this. I don’t know why. Maybe I just want to feel what a cow feels? Somehow it was very intriguing to go there and find out how it feels to have my nipples pumped by a machine. Plus, as a bonus, you also get cuffed and gagged! And we all know I love cuffs and gags. It was very weird, a bit painful, but also arousing. And you can’t do anything to stop it! I would definitely recommend it if you like objectification and helplessness! Moo 😀 Whaha 😀