Armbinder fun in the attic

BL454 | Posted by Gina on 25 July 2015

Whoo I love armbinders! I am having a little dress up party in my attic, because I found a leopard legging (sent in by a fan) and my hippie hairband! Tall boots go well with this look! You can’t beat leather and leggings! My 3-ringed collar would allow for 3 Masters, but I have not even got one Master (yes, I know it is sad). I’m just having some fun on my own, training my shoulder muscles!


BL453 | Posted by Gina on 18 July 2015

Woooooooow look at this huge archive I found at the office of a dear friend! It is so much steel and frames! I always dreamed of being cuffed at a workplace, and now my dream could become a reality! I was handcuffed to two big steel archive wheels! We did all of this very secretly, anyone could have come in at this point, but who needs to be in the archive… I don’t think it was even in use. But it was still exciting! Have you ever been cuffed at your place of work?

Dog shock collar

BL452 | Posted by Gina on 11 July 2015

There are lots of people doing videos with dog shock collars! I was very interested in trying this myself. I haven’t played much with electricity before, so it was a little scary. I tried to set a goal for myself: to raise the shock level higher and higher, zapping myself without making any sound!! Well, it was actually not really possible to make a sound because somehow my vocal chords were not working during the shocks. This is very strange, maybe I should have put the thing more to the side instead of in front. It hurts a lot, but it is also a fun challenge!

A leather mistake

BL451 | Posted by Gina on 04 July 2015

Hmmm sometimes I am a little blonde! A fan sent me these things which I thought were leather bondage gloves. They were a bit big, but ok, I managed to do a sexy shoot with them, with a leather skirt (also a fan gift) and a spiky bra (also a fan gift I think). I locked the gloves to my collar and my elbows were strapped, so it was quite hard!! But what do you know… turns out these aren’t gloves at all, they are leather bondage socks!! LOL!! hahaha xxx