Leren pijpen

BL268 | Posted by Gina on 31 December 2011

Whahaha that is a funny Dutch title 🙂 But I guess no one will understand that one. Anyway, since I have pleased the rubber enthusiast, it is now time to give something to the leather fans! Do you remember I had leather pants in 2007? Well, now I have received a new pair which fit me much better! I love these! If you like a leather pants ass and handcuffs, this update is for you!! Happy New Year 😉

Ballgag Xmas tree!

BL267 | Posted by Gina on 24 December 2011

Yes! It is Christmas again! Time to give and receive the best bondage presents you can find! Spoil your loved ones with gags, cuffs, and collars! It is the only way to say how much you love him or her! My xmas tree is a little different this year. I have a very tiny tree, which I am going to decorate with as many ballgags (and other gags) as possible! Nice and bright colored balls, some lights, and I am done! Not so easy when you are tightly cuffed in Irish 8 cuffs! Merry Xmas, I love you all! xxx

The big rubber shoot – part 2

BL266 | Posted by Gina on 17 December 2011

Yes! It is the final part of the big rubber shoot! The rubber is now very slippery and lubricated. Shiny!! My custom rubber armbinder is added and my face is taped in latex bondage tape, creating a very effective gag! Total rubber encasement! I think this is as much rubber as I could find in one shoot, but if you have suggestions for me to get even more rubbery, just let me know!! Enjoy this update xxx 😀

The big rubber shoot – part 1

BL265 | Posted by Gina on 10 December 2011

Okay, since the latex is so popular, I have decided to do a big photo shoot with all my rubber items. The latex bed sheet and pillows are on the floor, I am wearing my custom made rubber suit, a rubber posture collar (yes I found it again), and the rubber swimming cap that was sent to me some time ago. Watch me prepare for the amazing part 2, lubricating the rubber and posing for the camera. Next week, you will see the conclusion of this set, adding my custom rubber armbinder and a latex tape gag!

Trying a huge ballgag

BL264 | Posted by Gina on 03 December 2011

Because I am very small (158cm), people have always told me I can only use 45mm ballgags, which is already big for girls, if I don’t want to risk jaw injuries. But after all these years I decided to buy a shiny new 52mm ball (the hugest one) and just try it. Yes, it is a risk for untrained jaws, but I know how to train myself. Here you see the first time I switch my old 45mm for a 52mm! It is HUGE! But I did it!!