Deepthroat trainer? 😮💦

BL768 | Posted by Roxy on 26 February 2022

I really wanted to test this gag from HotSteelToys even though Sir was still working on the straps. So it wasn’t a perfect fit, but don’t worry, it did its job very effectively! It has moving parts that make a curved dildo go deep inside your mouth, with a steel ring gag. There’s nothing you can do about it. It will make you drool a lot and I was gagging, even though I can usually handle this kind of training (just ask Sir, I’m very good at it, custom videos available 😜 ). What a device! I can’t wait till the straps are finished!

Pillar escape attempt 🤨🔑

BL767 | Posted by Roxy on 19 February 2022

I was given this impossible task: cuffed with my arounds around a big pillar (and gagged of course), I had to try and escape. The key was on the floor. So the first thing I had to do is sit down, which is very hard. And I would definitely not be able to get up again. Then I needed to move the key to my hands and try to open the cuffs. But you know I am very bad at this… Check the video to see how I did!

New clamps and stocks✊😫✊

BL766 | Posted by Roxy on 12 February 2022

Sir got these new stocks and new nipple clamps! A great combination, he says, because then I can’t remove the clamps, and that is supposed to be good for my training. But I don’t want nipple clamps training! It is very painful! Sir always seems to gag me during nipple clamp training as well, maybe because I protest too much. Now I’m just standing around in these stocks, my nipples hurt and I can’t do anything. Slave life is not easy!

Heavy neck collar 👀 😄

BL765 | Posted by Roxy on 05 February 2022

Wow, I tried this extreme collar from! It is very heavy! It is also very tall and tight. I couldn’t imagine having to wear this one 24/7. That would be a real challenge! I am glad it was only borrowed, I prefer my own collar, which I am used to. This one is fun for a little while, but it might be impossible to wear it permanently! What kind of collar do you wear?