My chastity belt

BL272 | Posted by Gina on 28 January 2012

A lot of people ask me if I still wear my chastity belt a lot. Well, to be honest, not as much as I used to. I have been belted in the past 3 years (more in the belt than out of the belt), and the longest period was probably over 2 months. Now I just love being more free and I enjoy other fetishes, although I still wear the belt for a week sometimes. To prove I still fit into the belt, I will wear it especially for this update. Members even get to see how tight it really is… down below… 😉

Elbow traps

BL271 | Posted by Gina on 21 January 2012

I was in the studios and guess what I found! These interesting looking this are elbow traps. They prevent you from stretching your arms! Strange 🙂 I just thought I HAD to model these for you, since you have probably never seen anything like this before (I have, but I will not tell you when hahahah). By the way, if any Dutch girls are reading this: you just HAVE to visit the GirlsInCuffs studios, the things they have!!

Latex leggings

BL270 | Posted by Gina on 14 January 2012

Since everyone loves me in latex and leather, here is my latest fashion item (sent by a lovely fan): a pair of latex leggings! They fit great and they feel wonderful! I could wear these outdoors, no problem! But this is a bondage website, so I added my trusty little fiddle and a huge latex ballgag, to make sure I would enjoy this latex experience to the max! I hope you enjoy this one too!

Urban exploring again

BL269 | Posted by Gina on 07 January 2012

I love exploring empty buildings, and I did it on this website a few times before. But I do things a little different than anyone else. For these explorations I have the same rule as for watching TV or using the computer: I have to be cuffed. So here I am in a huge office building, speedcuffed (wrists crossed) and ankle cuffed over my boots. It’s exciting, because you never know when the building owner will show up (which was a real risk in this case)!! What will he say when he finds me snooping around in his building? And what will he say about the cuffs?