Doing my make-up

BL289 | Posted by Gina on 26 May 2012

Some of you have asked me if I can do a make-up update! I think I have done it before, but I am too lazy to search my own website 😀 LOL, there is just too much stuff on my site! So here is a cool little make-up update, where I do my mascara, in handcuffs, collar, ballgag, and chastity belt! It is just not the standard make-up video you will find on YouTube 😀 It is my way of doing it!

Stretched out

BL288 | Posted by Gina on 19 May 2012

Here is one of my favourite positions! Stretched out on the bed! Why? Because I can not move at all (I like that), plus it is so comfortable I can sleep (I LOVE that). You will see that I can not move even an inch, because I am stretched out all the way using very heavy metal shackles. So the update may not be very exciting to watch, it is just me unable to do anything. Fortunately I am wearing my chastity belt, so no one can take advantage of this position!

Gagged and cuffed on the roof

BL287 | Posted by Gina on 12 May 2012

Let’s enjoy the nice weather! I am gagged with a huge white ballgag and cuffed with big leather cuffs, standing on the roof of some old building! This way I can enjoy the sun (although it was a little windy), and practise my favorite hobby: trying to get noticed by passing cars! What will those drivers think about a girl with a huge ballgag standing on the roof? Will anyone wave at me? I love these public games with risk of being seen! Why? I really couldn’t tell you, I just do!

Batgirl bondage

BL286 | Posted by Gina on 05 May 2012

I found a funny bondage item that looks like a batgirl costume. It is very cute and comfortable. Unfortunately, it is too big for me (again). Why is everything too big for me!! All bondage items I like are too big!! I hate this 🙁 I think I am just too small to be a bondage model 🙁
Still, I had a lot of fun in my batgirl bondage outfit! 😉