The rigid spreader bar!

BL518 | Posted by Gina on 15 October 2016

I have tried this thing a few times already, and I love it so much!! I wish I owned one, but they are too expensive. But I got to borrow it again for a few days, so I really wanted to spend a lot of time in this device! I just love how I really can not do anything when I am locked in this! It is impossible to escape and I can’t move! I love it love it love it! x

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  1. Very sexy!

  2. great, use should try a go for a hogtie in it.

  3. Nice photo set gina
    Shows off your chastity belt very well.

  4. Oh dear, all inescapably locked up and, being in this rigid spreader bar, you are in such a vulnerable position. Fortunately, you are also securely locked in a chastity belt so you should be safe, no matter what! 😉

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