Segufix Wall Mounts 🪛⚕️

BL846 | Posted by Roxy on 26 August 2023

When I visited the BoFeWo convention in Germany, some nice guy gave me these 3D printed Segufix wall mounts! I just had to test them! So you drill them into a wall, and then you can attach your segufix wrist and ankle cuffs to them! So you can Segufix anywhere! As long as people let you drill into their wall! (sorry FoToRo) whahahaa

Orange prison hood and mitts! 🧡🟠🟧

BL845 | Posted by Roxy on 19 August 2023

This is a super orange update! But that’s ok, I am Dutch, everything is orange over here. I’m in my orange prison jumpsuit and orange flip flops, locked in orange handcuffs. My legs are shackled with orange ankle cuffs. My hands are in orange tubes. And to top it all off I got to try the new orange prison hood! I have to find the key on the floor, but I can’t see anything! It is very scary but fun too! I really hope you like orange, otherwise this update might scare you a bit whahahah!!

Extremely tight tape challenge! 🤐⏳

BL844 | Posted by Roxy on 12 August 2023

How long can I stay in this extremely tight tape bondage? Elbows together!! It’s very hard, but it was also fun to see how long I would last. Sir even threw me a pair of safety scissors to see if I could cut my way out of this. It was impossible of course. I love tight elbow bondage so much!!

Cards and the worst gag in the world 🃏😑

BL843 | Posted by Roxy on 05 August 2023

You are always requesting this gag! Even though I said it is the worst gag in the world, the tongue port gag. It holds your tongue down and it goes deep inside your mouth. Makes you drool instantly! It is just unstoppable rivers of drool with this thing. Sir made me play cards while wearing the gag, but everything was just covered in drooooool!!!