Latex armbinder

BL376 | Posted by Gina on 25 January 2014

You really are crazy about my latex armbinder, aren’t you!! I got so many requests for it, that I just have to wear it again! From the front, it looks scary, like I don’t have arms!! Do you like my new bra? I don’t think it really goes with the armbinder, but that’s okay, I’m not going out like this anyway… Maybe I should do that one day 😀 But now it’s too cold for things like that… just enjoy me wriggling around in creaking latex. I still smell the rubber on my arms, even after showering!!

Metal hogcuff with suspended elbows

BL375 | Posted by Gina on 18 January 2014

Something a little more serious this time! I love this position so much! I can not move at all! I am in my bikini, hogcuffed on the floor, elbows are cuffed and pulled up by a ceiling chain! Great stuff! I really wanted to be in this for a long time! This is the true bound life! It is strange, I like doing extreme stuff but I also like reading a magazine in my fiddle when ballgagged, it is two different worlds, but I like both!

Heavy cage self bondage

BL374 | Posted by Gina on 11 January 2014

Wow, I found this shoot on my computer, it is from 2009!! That’s old! It is from the time I wore my chastity belt permanently (except to clean and shave once every 2 weeks). I had some self bondage fun with a cage that was used in a production! Watch me discover the cage, get inside, padlock the door, and handcuff myself to the upper corners of the cage. I thought it was clever, since I was still holding the key to the door padlock, but once I handcuffed myself I couldn’t reach the door, of course. Lol, yes that was silly!
I also found another old shoot with this cage that I did for but they didn’t want to publish it anymore since the resolution is really old school. In that one, I am topless and I am also locking my neck in the cage door! I don’t know if I should publish it here, but maybe I will 😉

Wiffle harness ballgag and armbinder

BL373 | Posted by Gina on 04 January 2014

I have a new gag and it is yellow!! Hmm, okay I prefer red gags, but this one is pretty cool because it has a light weight ball with holes! So I can breathe (and drool) a lot easier! The downside? It is rather large for me. But I guess you don’t mind 😉 I am strapped into an armbinder so I can not take off the gag, which forced me to train with it for about 45 minutes. As you know, I am fully gag trained and I can wear a ballgag all day long, but please don’t try to gag yourself for hours if your jaws are not used to it! If you want this gag by the way, I can sell it to you (either used or brand new), it is very good for training!