Tape challenge 💪🏼🙃

BL824 | Posted by Roxy on 25 March 2023

I am doing my gag training again these days, I have to stay gagged as long as possible. Sir says it should be a reward for me to take the gag out for a while, so he set a challenge: if I can get out of this tape bondage, I can take off the ballgag. I thought this would be easy, it’s only tape!! But somehow, I couldn’t get out of this tight bondage… Could you do it?

Clamped to the wall 🗜️✊

BL823 | Posted by Roxy on 18 March 2023

Never ask FoToRo ‘what is this?’ when you are in his studio 🤣 I saw this bar with 2 golden clamps hanging from the wall. And yes, I was too curious. Before I knew it, I was clamped to the wall. And I was there for about an hour!! That really became very hard after a few minutes already. Geez. I will never open my mouth again. I think 😄

Boobs pumps? 🤣😶😊

BL822 | Posted by Roxy on 11 March 2023

Wow this is awesome! They invented things to make your boobs bigger! I didn’t think it would work but wow, it works very well! They really made my boobs twice the size!! I wonder if they will stay bigger if I do it often enough? I really like it, I can’t stop pumping my boobs whahah!!

Elbow rope fun 🪢😁

BL821 | Posted by Roxy on 04 March 2023

It seems you can’t get enough of my elbow talent? I don’t know if it is a real talent, I was always able to do this. My elbows can be tied together all the way behind my back until they touch. I wonder how rare it is. Can you do it? If you are not sure, come over and I will try it whahah! It’s so relaxing and it makes me feel very calm. Rope bondage is nice!