Heavy cuffs on feet and ankles? 🔩🔩👣

BL750 | Posted by Roxy on 23 October 2021

Fans have asked me to try these super heavy cuffs on my ankles. And when I was trying that, I suddenly thought about trying them on my feet! What if you would make them really tight on your feet? It actually worked, I couldn’t get them off without the key! So I had two pairs of these heavy cuffs now on my ankles and feet, which was extremely restricting! I was not able to walk at all!

That time I tried Segufix 🛌🏥

BL749 | Posted by Roxy on 16 October 2021

One of my wishes came true when I was asked as a model for GirlAsylum.com! I was strapped into the hospital bed in Segufix restraints! They are only used for crazy people, they told me. Well, that’s me!! LOL! I couldn’t move much at all! They even strapped my head in! It’s very comfortable, but also a bit scary, because you are totally helpless. Very cool stuff, I need to get this for my own bed!

Extremely tight and shiny! ✨

BL748 | Posted by Roxy on 09 October 2021

I have received requests to wear my shiny pants more! And I understand why: they are awesome! And they feel great too! I now even have some new shiny gloves to match the pants. Of course, Sir didn’t think it was enough to just wear my shiny clothes for this update, noooooo he tied my elbows together again. Extremely tight! I have to say, red rope really matched the outfit, so that was nice. But it’s a really hard position to do, and I was glad when I was finally released!

Heavy wooden fiddle 🎻

BL747 | Posted by Roxy on 02 October 2021

Sir locked me in this heavy wooden fiddle! It is so annoying and awkward. And of course, I was in it for a long time. I secretly got out my phone so I wasn’t so bored, but Sir took it away from me. Then he gave me a key, but it was impossible to escape! So frustrating! I hate wood now. I really do.

Back to prison ⛓️🔒

BL746 | Posted by Roxy on 25 September 2021

I went back to prison for an afternoon in the wonderful facilities of BondageTimeout.com! Last time, I was wearing a pink uniform, but now I requested the standard orange one. Also, last time I was in very simple cufs, just handcuffs and ankle cuffs. But now I wanted the full setup! I was locked in high security restraints, including a waist chain, blue box, and thumb cuffs! There was really no escape from this! An afternoon may sound like a long time to you, but I loved every minute of it! Maybe I have some kind of prison fetish?

Shock collar and blindfold 😱⚡️

BL745 | Posted by Roxy on 18 September 2021

I have been able to avoid it for some time, but unfortunately, shock collar training is back. I hate it. This time, Sir made me wear a blindfold so I couldn’t see the shocks coming at all. Well, actually, without a blindfold it also goes too fast to anticipate, but not knowing when Sir is going to press the button is extra scary. I wasn’t even restrained like last time, it was just shock collar training! I would do ANYTHING to skip this training. ANYTHING!

Gag colors! ⚪️🟢🟣🔴🔵

BL744 | Posted by Roxy on 11 September 2021

I love checking out which gag color suits me the best! I am trying about 5 different colors today, which one do you think is best for me? I like pink the best I think. But red is more classic. Blue is nice too! But white goes with anything. And green is really quite rare and looks so good! Oooh noo, I can’t decide. And Eggie is not really saying much. I really need your help!

Cuffed Outdoors! 🌻 🌞

BL743 | Posted by Roxy on 04 September 2021

The weather is so nice today, I went out to play with my pink handcuffs! It was so nice to be in the open nature! I think no one saw me, but who cares, it is only a pair of handcuffs. Nothing wrong with that! Do you sometimes go outside with handcuffs? Or a collar? It is very exciting and especially nice when it is a beautiful day! x

Bagged and gagged 😆

BL742 | Posted by Roxy on 28 August 2021

Wow this leather sleeping bag is a real find! I loved it! It’s very comfortable and I got a really strange feeling of coziness. Of course, Sir had to add some extra straps and a gag, but I didn’t mind. I loved wriggling in this thing, but I also loved just lying still and feeling trapped. It’s a wonderful invention! You HAVE to try one if you haven’t yet!

Ring gag strappado ⭕️😲🤤

BL741 | Posted by Roxy on 21 August 2021

I thought this nice red ring gag looked nice and shiny! So I asked if I could try it… CAREFULLY!! A LITTLE WHILE! But no, Sir had to leave me in this gag for an hour as always, with my arms pulled up to the ceiling. Why does it always have to be so extreme? Can I not just try a gag a little bit? Of course, I started drooling a lot and it was very uncomfortable for my shoulders. Sir says I need more training. But I think he just likes to see me suffer.

Makeup – cuffed and gagged 💄

BL740 | Posted by Roxy on 14 August 2021

Many people have asked me how I can live like this. Always collared and belted, and cuffed and gagged most of the day. It’s simple: I love to do it for my Sir! That’s all that matters to me. And I have been doing this for a long time, so I am used to it. If you want to try a 24/7 lifestyle, please start slowly! And if you are a girl, you can always email me to receive tips and tricks on personal care and hygiene. It’s not hard, as long as you keep a few things in mind. Your Sir will be very pleased with your efforts! In this update, I will show you how to do your makeup while cuffed and gagged. It’s not hard!

Hogcuffed again! 😃

BL739 | Posted by Roxy on 07 August 2021

I love being hogcuffed! It’s a lot of fun, have you tried it? I just want to stay like that for a long time, but Sir always gives me assignments. I always have to try and escape, but I have not escaped EVEN ONCE. Escaping is not really my thing, I am very bad at opening cuffs. And this time, Sir used rigid handcuffs, so it was even harder! I don’t think anyone could escape this!

The FoToRo Padlock Challenge! 🔒

BL738 | Posted by Roxy on 31 July 2021

I had seen it already on MetalBondage.com, and I was afraid ever since. And yes…. of course Sir wanted to do the FoToRo padlock challenge with me! But I have super sensitive nipples!! I can’t hang padlocks off those evil nipple clamps, they hurt enough already! Sir did not have any mercy, I had to do it! Moving FIVE padlocks from one table to the other table, only using my nipples!! Ouch!!

Butterfly straitjacket? 🦋

BL737 | Posted by Roxy on 24 July 2021

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more strange, Sir shows up with this new straitjacket. It is called a butterfly straitjacket. At first, I didn’t know why it had that name, but I soon found out 🤣 I was flapping my arms and it was all I could do in this jacket. There is no way to escape it, your arms are in a very awkward position, and the zipper can’t be accessed from the inside. Sir was laughing as I flapped around the room, gagged and helpless. Geez, what will they think of next!

Nipple clamped to the wall! 😫

BL736 | Posted by Roxy on 17 July 2021

Why is it always nipple clamps training day when my nipples are most sensitive! That is very evil. And now my nipple clamps were locked to the wall, so I couldn’t even move or it would hurt! Well, don’t worry, it already hurt without moving. And Sir is just super mean! There, I said it.

Chained for 24 hours ⛓⛓ part 2

BL735 | Posted by Roxy on 10 July 2021

You asked if I could show more of my 24 hours chained to the wall. Well, it got worse. Sir gagged me and then LOCKED the gag. I didn’t know ballgags could be locked. But there was no way to remove it. I tried to sleep a little, but I can’t sleep with a gag. Maybe you’re not supposed to, doesn’t seem very safe. So I tried napping a bit, with Eggie. It was very hard!

Trash bag bondage? 😄

BL734 | Posted by Roxy on 03 July 2021

A member request!! Trash bag bondage! I know now Gina did it many times, but it was new to me! I had never heard of this before. So here’s me wearing a few trash bags, and then getting duct taped all around my body. I couldn’t move much anymore! It was very funny, and I was completely stuck, it was actually quite a nice cozy feeling. I feel a bit weak that I couldn’t even escape, but the tape is very strong and I couldn’t move my arms. I was like a sausage… in a trash bag 🤣

Chained for 24 hours ⛓⛓

BL733 | Posted by Roxy on 26 June 2021

When Sir told me I would get chained to the wall for 24 hours, I was very scared. It seems like a long time! He said it would be a good challenge for me, to learn the importance of being kept. I have never heard of anyone taking this challenge! Is it a standard training for subs? It seems like Sir was very certain about this, and before I knew it, I was locked to the wall by a thick chain. There was no way I could escape, and I was handcuffed and ankle cuffed too! Very inconvenient! It took me a while to get settled, but I had my tea and my phone and my eggplant, so I was going to be alright!
Have you ever done anything like this?

Gagged outdoors! 🌳➖🔴➖ 😷

BL732 | Posted by Roxy on 19 June 2021

After seeing everyone do this challenge, I couldn’t resist! Of course I had to go outdoors with my ballgag under my mask! It was very exciting, but I don’t think anyone noticed it. They could see my collar gleaming in the sun, but I don’t really care about that. My belt and collar don’t come off so I am used to wearing those in public, but a ballgag! Wow, it is so weird to wear it outdoors! Did you try it?

More elbow training!

BL731 | Posted by Roxy on 12 June 2021

Many people have asked me what my favorite training is. Well, it’s not nipple training, and not my chastity belt. Not even gag training! My favorite is elbow training. I still can’t believe not everyone can do it. I have always been able to do this. Of course, I can’t do it forever, so to increase my elbow bondage time, Sir has me training elbows once in a while still, to improve my time in tight elbow bondage. It’s fun and kind of relaxing! Sir even gave me the keys, but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get out of this!