Penis gag blindfolded hogtie 🍆🙈

BL840 | Posted by Roxy on 15 July 2023

A custom request! I love to do custom videos for people! This script required me to be hogtied, penis gagged, and blindfolded. Then I had to try to escape. Or, if I couldn’t do that, remove my heels at least. But it was very hard to do! I really loved struggling and wriggling in this tight hogtie. I hope I can do more soon!

Chained to the ceiling ⛓️😶

BL839 | Posted by Roxy on 08 July 2023

How long could you stay like this? Gagged and cuffed and chained to the ceiling by your collar? It is very hard! Don’t worry, I asked for this myself hahaha. Of course, I did regret it already after 10 seconds, but Sir let me stand there for a very long time. It is so strange. Nothing you can do!! I would like to do a challenge with someone else, see who can last the longest!

Toe cuffs hogtie 👣😲

BL838 | Posted by Roxy on 01 July 2023

Well, who would have known such tiny cuffs can be so restrictive! I was playing with thumb cuffs and of course I know that some people also use them on their toes. Next thing I knew, Sir cuffed my left big toe to my right thumb, and my right big toe to my left thumb! This was weird! There was absolutely no way I could move. It was so strange! Have you ever tried this? The keys were on the floor, but there was no way I could get to the keys. I was really stuck!

Elbow bondage exploration 🤲🏻🌳

BL837 | Posted by Roxy on 24 June 2023

I wanted to go explore in Spain, and my Sir allowed me to, but only in a gag and elbow bondage. Of course!! Well, I didn’t complain (I couldn’t because I was gagged) and I started walking around the country side. I discovered a weird tower, which would but awesome for suspension bondage. Imagine getting suspended outdoors! I think we have to go back here and do that! Who wants to come with me?

Tanning in chastity 👙☀️

BL836 | Posted by Roxy on 17 June 2023

Holidays are so nice! Even when you are locked in full chastity, there is no reason you can’t enjoy some sun tanning or swimming. Sure, you will get weird tan lines, but that doesn’t matter if you are in chastity 24/7. The only thing is… the bra cups get really hot. I don’t want to cook my boobs! So I needed to cool off in the pool every half hour or so. Not a bad life!

Straitjacket in the dungeon 🤪 🔒

BL835 | Posted by Roxy on 10 June 2023

Straitjackets are the best, so cozy!! But this dungeon was cold and hard. Not cozy at all! I was chained to the floor, so I only had very limited movement for the afternoon. Of course I was gagged too. Why do people want to gag me all the time! Oh well, I secretly enjoyed my time in the dungeon, it was so cool to be there! I love locations like this!!

Spreader outdoors! 🧘‍♀️😊

BL834 | Posted by Roxy on 03 June 2023

Bondage outdoors is so much fun! I was locked in this spreader for a nice afternoon, and I really enjoyed it! The only problem was … bugs!! I couldn’t swat the bugs away, and some flying and creeping critters kept harassing me. Everyone around me thought that was really funny. But I was helpless and gagged. Life doesn’t seem to be very fair when you are a sub!

Handcuffs and olive trees 🙌🫒

BL833 | Posted by Roxy on 27 May 2023

These fun handcuffs are angled and that is actually pretty comfortable! Okay, they are quite heavy, but they didn’t stop me exploring the Spanish country side with its beautiful olive trees! It’s very interesting how they grow and harvest these things, I was fascinated! Even so, I don’t even like olives whahaha πŸ˜€ Do you like olives?

Swimming in chastity 🏊‍♀️ 👙

BL832 | Posted by Roxy on 20 May 2023

People always ask me if I can swim in my full chastity outfit. Of course I can! It’s actually not that heavy (so I won’t sink) and it is not restrictive either. I think anyone could swim in this. I’m having a great time in Spain!! Kinky holidays are the best!!

Cuffed to the cross in the sun🌡️ 🥵

BL831 | Posted by Roxy on 13 May 2023

So hot here in Spain!! I found a cross in the garden with two pairs of handcuffs hanging from it. Of course, I had to ask what it was for (silly, I know). Moments later I was cuffed in place to this cross, in the hot sunny afternoon. I got really sweaty! Maybe this is not the way to get a tan. My Spain holiday is very interesting this year, I have already seen many other things in this kinky garden!!

Getting ready for my holiday 👙 🚿

BL830 | Posted by Roxy on 06 May 2023

Lalalalaa… I’m going on holiday to Spain again! Bondage in the sun!! I can’t wait to be there, it’s definitely going to be a lot warmer than in the Netherlands. I might get some funny tan lines again, but I don’t mind! What would you like to see when I do some updates in the sun outdoors? Let me know! I hope you will be going on holiday soon too, everyone deserves some fun!

Extreme escape challenge 👐 🔐

BL829 | Posted by Roxy on 29 April 2023

This was a very hard challenge!! Can you imagine trying to escape from this bondage? Handcuffs attached to my collar behind the back and thumbcuffs! It was so crazy! Even though I tried very hard, it was impossible! Even picking up the key from the floor was very challenging. After a while I got so tired, and I had to keep my arms up so I didn’t choke. It was a real struggle!

Tied in prison 🪢 🗝️

BL828 | Posted by Roxy on 22 April 2023

Spending some time in a tight chicken wing tie IN PRISON!! That was a big wish of mine, and recently I was able to do this. I need my arms to be tied very securely, or I will take out my gag after a while (gags are fun at first but I need some bondage to prevent me from taking them out after an hour or so). It was a 2 inch gag strapped tight, and my arms were tied in this very hard position, I couldn’t move them at all. The prison cell is such a fun location! I know some of you have been there for a Bondage Timeout, and if you haven’t done that, you definitely should!!

Prison restraints 🪑⛓️

BL827 | Posted by Roxy on 15 April 2023

I wish I lived in the USA! Did you know that you can get shackled like this over there? Here in the Netherlands it’s only handcuffs, but in the USA you get a full restraints set, with waist chain, blue box, and leg irons! It’s so much better! Luckily, FoToRo owns some of this stuff so I got to walk around in it for a while. It is amazing! I need to get myself a set of this to wear at home! Do you wear restraints at home?

Extreme trash bag escape attempt!💪🏼

BL826 | Posted by Roxy on 08 April 2023

I still get a lot of member request for trash bag bondage! This one was particularly hard, because of all the tape and the multiple layers! Do you think I escaped from this one? Watch the video to find out!!

Crotch rope weight challenge 👠 👠🏋🏼‍♀️

BL825 | Posted by Roxy on 01 April 2023

Two kilos is not that heavy right? Well, I can assure you it is, when you are gagged and cuffed to a pole, standing in high heels and the weight is hanging from your crotch rope!! Every movement makes the weight drop a little, and the rope gets tighter and tighter. There is no way to get any slack back! It just gets harder and harder, and I am not good at standing in high heels for long!!

Tape challenge 💪🏼🙃

BL824 | Posted by Roxy on 25 March 2023

I am doing my gag training again these days, I have to stay gagged as long as possible. Sir says it should be a reward for me to take the gag out for a while, so he set a challenge: if I can get out of this tape bondage, I can take off the ballgag. I thought this would be easy, it’s only tape!! But somehow, I couldn’t get out of this tight bondage… Could you do it?

Clamped to the wall 🗜️✊

BL823 | Posted by Roxy on 18 March 2023

Never ask FoToRo ‘what is this?’ when you are in his studio 🤣 I saw this bar with 2 golden clamps hanging from the wall. And yes, I was too curious. Before I knew it, I was clamped to the wall. And I was there for about an hour!! That really became very hard after a few minutes already. Geez. I will never open my mouth again. I think 😄

Boobs pumps? 🤣😶😊

BL822 | Posted by Roxy on 11 March 2023

Wow this is awesome! They invented things to make your boobs bigger! I didn’t think it would work but wow, it works very well! They really made my boobs twice the size!! I wonder if they will stay bigger if I do it often enough? I really like it, I can’t stop pumping my boobs whahah!!

Elbow rope fun 🪢😁

BL821 | Posted by Roxy on 04 March 2023

It seems you can’t get enough of my elbow talent? I don’t know if it is a real talent, I was always able to do this. My elbows can be tied together all the way behind my back until they touch. I wonder how rare it is. Can you do it? If you are not sure, come over and I will try it whahah! It’s so relaxing and it makes me feel very calm. Rope bondage is nice!