Double trouble with ZoeyZiptie! ⛓️⛓️

BL869 | Posted by Roxy on 03 February 2024

Me and Zoey have the same harness gag from Relentless Leather!! Well, hers is white, but it is the same 2inch gag! We love wearing them so much, it’s just so much fun! Drooling and not being able to understand each other is hilarious! Especially when we got cuffed with our hands above our heads. There was no escape. Well, FoToRo threw the key on the floor after a while, but we couldn’t get it to our hands. It was hopeless!

Pink dress and steel elbow tie 👗⛓

BL868 | Posted by Roxy on 27 January 2024

I saw this position on and I really had to try it! It doesn’t look so hard, and I was certain I would be able to escape! It’s just elbow cuffs pulled up to the ceiling with a chain. How hard can it be? Well, it turned out to be very hard, because my arms got tired very quickly. And it was impossible to escape… but you probably guessed that 🤣

Chair strappado 🪑➖🟣➖

BL867 | Posted by Roxy on 20 January 2024

When Sir asked ‘do you like purple?’, of course I said yes! I love purple (after blue it is my favorite color)!! I even love to get tied up in purple and to be gagged with a purple 2-inch gag! No problem for me! But I DO NOT LIKE nipple clamps! Sir is so mean, he knows they hurt me so much. There is nothing I can do though, this was a very strict position. And then he REMOVED THEM without warning!! AAaaaaaaaaaahh mmmhpphfff good thing I was gagged!

Hogcuff fun with ZoeyZiptie ⛓️🤪

BL866 | Posted by Roxy on 13 January 2024

Me and my friend Zoey are going to try hogcuffs and then pull them up with this chain to see who can get the highest! It is a great training for flexibility! But handcuffs are hard and a bit sharp so it is probably better if we try this with leather cuffs. Oh well, we had a lot of fun! Who do you think did it best? Me or Zoey?!!

Locking harness gag🔒🤐

BL865 | Posted by Roxy on 06 January 2024

This is a scary gag but so much fun! It is a locking harness panel gag from Relentless Leather and it has the biggest plug inside. Not a ball, but a plug that is much larger and goes deep inside my mouth. I can’t make a sound at all! Don’t try this at home, because it is very scary when you are alone. It takes a while to unlock so you have to be very comfortable and completely gag trained to attempt to wear this. Good thing I’m VERY gag trained with things that go deep inside my mouth whahaha 🤣

The hardest escape challenge – with ZoeyZiptie ❤️🔐🔐

BL864 | Posted by Roxy on 30 December 2023

This was so much fun! It is the hardest duo predicament I have ever done. I am cuffed to the wall with my hands overhead, and Zoey is on the floor in a RigidSpreader (locks on the wrong side of course). I need to use my feet to get the key to Zoey so she can attempt to open the RigidSpreader but that is pretty much impossible. OR she needs to get the key to my hands so I can unlock my cuffs. Which also seems impossible. On top of all that, we are both gagged with huge 2 inch ballgags, it is impossible to communicate. Did we manage to get out? Watch the video to see!

Xmas in the dungeon 🧑🏽‍🎄⛓️

BL863 | Posted by Roxy on 23 December 2023

I know many people love to spend their holidays with lights and trees and music, but my Xmas is just the best when I get tied up and gagged! So me and Sir are in this dungeon for the week, we rented the whole place and there is so much to see and explore! I can’t wait to play with all of these toys over the next days, it is going to be the best Christmas ever! I hope you will have a wonderful time too, with many presents under your tree that contain gags, cuffs, and other restraints! Because a bondage Christmas is the best Christmas!! Happy Holidays xxxx

Plastic wrap and tape 🎁

BL862 | Posted by Roxy on 16 December 2023

A lot of you are plastic wrap fans! I get requests for mummification all the time 😀 I think it is pretty cozy, and nice in the winter (because it’s too sweaty to do this in the summer). I was fully wrapped in black plastic foil and some bands of pink duct tape. This pink tape is strong! I could hardly move, even when Sir tickled me! Do you think I escaped? Watch the video to find out!

Extreme elbow hogtie – impossible to struggle! 😶❤️

BL861 | Posted by Roxy on 09 December 2023

My elbows tied all the way together, my head and ankles tied to a rope overhead… it was impossible to move! Very tight and challenging! Just the way I like it! Panel harness gags are one of my favorite gags too, so comfy! Many people have asked me how I am able to get my elbows together so easily. I don’t know! I thought everyone could do this. Maybe you just have to practice more, trust me: it’s a lot of fun to get tied up like this!! 😄❤️

Panel plug gag test with Zoey 😊

BL860 | Posted by Roxy on 02 December 2023

Two harness panel gag with large plugs inside them! Made by Relentless Leather. We need to test them, as we are both huge gag fans and we just love a challenge. These are serious gags, you can’t really make much sound and they are very sturdy. Me and Zoey loved them so much, we kept them on for a long time! Although.. it was not 100% fair, mine had a much bigger plug and it was padlocked!! 🤣

Ballet shoes shock challenge 👠👠

BL859 | Posted by Roxy on 25 November 2023

A fan got me these new leather ballet boots! But he made them even harder to wear by making them into shoes instead of boots. They are much lower so they don’t have any ankle support. This seems like a very dangerous idea! Don’t try this at home, I am a professional, as you can see in the video 🤣 I was encouraged to try to stand up and walk in these boots by Sir, who was happily pressing the shock collar remote button. Geez, I never get any break from slave practice it seems!

Super tight waist belt 😬🗜️

BL858 | Posted by Roxy on 18 November 2023

I was fiddled and Sir thought it would be funny to make my huge transparent belt tighter. And tighter. And tighter. It was getting so tight it was hard to breathe. I was still struggling in the fiddle, so I couldn’t stop him from making it tighter. Did you ever try to make a big belt super tight? It is like a corset!!

Cage training with ZoeyZiptie 🐶🐶

BL857 | Posted by Roxy on 11 November 2023

Me and my friend Zoey are being cage trained today! It’s so much fun to do this with another girl! We both wear massive 2 inch ballgags and big steel collars. Our handcuffs are chained to the cage so we can get out of the cage a little bit but not very far. That’s ok, we love to be inside of the cage anyway. Supporting each other while trying to talk through our huge gags is so much fun!! x

Selfbondage spread eagle 🦅⛓️

BL856 | Posted by Roxy on 04 November 2023

Can I get myself in this spread eagle position? It is very hard to do, especially the last hand! I gag myself and cuff my ankles to the bed, then I try to attach my hands, it is not as easy as it seems! And once I lock the final cuff, I will be stuck helplessly, such a weird feeling. There is no escape! What would you do if you found me here like this?

At Boundcon with Rachel Adams

BL855 | Posted by Roxy on 28 October 2023

I was so happy last BoundCon in Munich, so many things to do and to see! And there was a very exciting moment when I got to be a model for a video together with the famous Rachel Adams from the USA! We were both in catsuits and she tied me up in red ropes! Rachel can tie very well, she is a pro! She tied my elbows and it was super tight but comfortable. Then I had to try and escape. It was so much fun!! x

Transparent latex fun 👗🧴️

BL854 | Posted by Roxy on 21 October 2023

I received this transparent latex dress and bra from a fan! I couldn’t wait to try them on! I have never worn transparent clothes before. I was told I had to rub myself with lube to make it shiny, and it worked! Do you like transparent clothes? I think it is very revealing, it would not be suitable for going out!

In straitjackets with my friend Zoey 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

BL853 | Posted by Roxy on 14 October 2023

Do you know my friend Zoey from the UK? She is a bondage sub and a very lovely funny friend! We enjoy getting tied up together!! This shoot was amazing, I was spending the afternoon with Zoey in matching straitjackets! So much fun to struggle and wriggle in the padded room! Time for a good chat and getting comfy!!

Super tight hogtie 😊

BL852 | Posted by Roxy on 07 October 2023

Someone told me it’s a rare talent to be able to do super tight elbow bondage. I don’t know, I have always been able to do it. I didn’t even know that not everyone can do this whahahah! I love getting tied up really tight, with my elbows together. This hogtie even pulled my harness gag back! Wow it was tight!!

Ballgagged school girl 👗🔴

BL851 | Posted by Roxy on 30 September 2023

This new huge ballgag has a chin strap! It makes it extra secure and I love it! I am a school girl today, in detention, wearing really heavy wrist cuffs. I loved playing around with the cuffs and writing on the board. I think it is so cute to dress up like this and combine it with bondage items! What do you think?

Ballet boots training with shock collar⚡⚡

BL850 | Posted by Roxy on 23 September 2023

This was a fan request I was not looking forward to, but it turned out to be quite fun!! Someone sent me these beautiful ballet boots and asked me to try and stand and walk in them. That’s very hard! I am not very skilled in ballet boots yet. To encourage my training, he suggested I wear a shock collar and get shocked every time I sit down for a break. Trust me, you will learn to walk in ballet heels very quickly with this training method!!