Metal posture collar

BL036 | Posted by Gina on 28 July 2007

Some members like a posture collar and other members like metal collars… So here’s something for all of them: a metal posture collar! In the first part of the update I am restrained in a belly chain, white leather cuffs (love those!) and the collar. In the second part, I try to escape, but somebody kept yanking my chain πŸ™‚

Collar, cuffs and mini-spreader

BL035 | Posted by Gina on 21 July 2007

Today I want to show you my cool collar and cuffs set, which was especially made for me by a guy from New Zealand. He made me a mini spreader bar as well, which I also love!! He did a great job, the collar and cuffs are a perfect fit. Watch the video to see if I can escape from this gear πŸ˜‰

Chained in the forest

BL034 | Posted by Gina on 14 July 2007

I killed a tree branch! πŸ™‚ So you thought you could chain me to a tree? I broke off the branch and got free!! But then I got gagged and wandered aimlessly through the forest… Tight gag by the way! I love being in the forest, I am sorry for destroying part of it….

Doing the dishes

BL033 | Posted by Gina on 07 July 2007

Doing the dishes, don’t you just hate that?! Well I do. To make it a little more interesting I often do the dishes in some nice restraints, like handcuffs and my favorite red ball gag! Or to make it a bit harder: elbow cuffs! This week you can see me cleaning up the kitchen including very nice videos!!

Rigid bondage in the woods

BL032 | Posted by Gina on 30 June 2007

I love being elbow cuffed!! No, actually I hate being elbow cuffed!! Oh….. I don’t know πŸ™‚ It’s frustrating and fun, if anyone can understand that… I was elbow cuffed with hinged cuffs in the woods, with a spreader bar to restrain my wrists in front, I couldn’t move an inch. And I fell down… but I got up again ;-p See it all in this week’s update!

Mouth spreader

BL031 | Posted by Gina on 23 June 2007

A member sent me a mouth spreader! It was one of the items on my wish list! To thank him, I did this update. Yes, I taped the mouth spreader to protect my teeth, but to prove I am not all weak I spread it all the way (see video clip in the member section). Jaw cramps and drooling guaranteed!

Double metal collar and spreader

BL030 | Posted by Gina on 16 June 2007

I actually have two similar metal collars, one is a bit larger than the other. I also have matching cuffs, and I will get my own (smaller) matching cuffs soon! To show you all of this stuff, I put it all on and then put a spreader bar between my neck and wrists. Did I get out by myself? Just watch the video!

Cuffed to a tree!

BL029 | Posted by Gina on 09 June 2007

This weekend it’s me, cuffed to a tree in the forest… ball gagged! What if someone sees me? What if I am left behind? What if the key falls on the leafy forest floor and gets lost. And what is the deal with that big 3-ring collar?? Questions, questions πŸ™‚

Gina versus Steel

BL028 | Posted by Gina on 02 June 2007

This week it’s me versus the SM-Factory steel restraints… and I am sad to announce that the steel won πŸ™ I could not escape from the cuffs padlocked to my collar, because of the odd locks on the SM-Factory stuff. I also tried them chained to my jeans belt loops and with a steel bar, needless to say I could not escape either… nice videos though πŸ™‚

Hogtied in leather cuffs

BL027 | Posted by Gina on 26 May 2007

Okay, enough fooling around πŸ™‚ Let’s get serious! How about a strict leather and chain hogtie! It was my first time ever to try such a strict hogtie. I couldn’t move at all so the pictures might be a bit similar :-p There’s also a video clip of me struggling in the dark!


BL026 | Posted by Gina on 19 May 2007

Ever seen a girl driving in cuffs, ballgag and collar? Well, this is the first time I have tried it and it did not go too well. I could not get my seatbelt on, could not shift and I didn’t drive very far at all! Members, please post suggestions on how to improve on this car bondage idea!!

Prisoner outfit

BL025 | Posted by Gina on 12 May 2007

This week I did a very special member request. A member sent me a brand new prisoner costume and wrote me an email with very specific instructions on how I should be chained up. I had lots of fun in my new prisoner dress, walking in chains like this is hard! Check out all pictures and videos in the member section!


BL024 | Posted by Gina on 05 May 2007

This week you can see me reading!! Isn’t that boring? Well, not if I add my trusty ballgag, some legirons and handcuffs! Many cool video clips this time, gagging and ungagging, changing my clothes, cuffing myself, removing my gag to eat chocolate and more silly stuff!!

Bound in nurse outfit

BL023 | Posted by Gina on 28 April 2007

Two member requests in one! Some of you wanted to see me in my nurse uniform, and some of you wanted to see me wearing my pink Baby-G! Well how about those two things combined in a rigid rope tie plus my trusty red ballgag!? I know you will love this picture set and the video clips πŸ™‚

Fiddled in the forest

BL022 | Posted by Gina on 21 April 2007

The weather is getting better! Time to get a little sun on my skin… I love taking a walk in the forest, but it is even better in bondage! So I got out my trusty fiddle and got myself into all kinds of situations in the lovely sunlit forest!

Chatting, cuffed, collared and gagged

BL021 | Posted by Gina on 14 April 2007

Chatting is one of my hobbies. But when I log on nowadays, LOTS of people want to talk to me πŸ™‚ It’s a lot of work answering the same questions over and over, but I still love to chat to my faithful members! Here is a little peek at what I sometimes look like during chatting… but not always πŸ˜‰

Bound on the bed

BL020 | Posted by Gina on 07 April 2007

Ok, so some members wanted to see me tied up good, after all these light sets I have done. Well this week I was tied up very good on my bed! All the knots were out of reach of my hands and I could not escape. You can see me try in 2 very cool video clips! I am also wearing my ballet boots in this update πŸ™‚

Ironing in spreader bar and ballgag

BL019 | Posted by Gina on 31 March 2007

I hate ironing!!! To make it a little more exciting, a member had suggested I wear a ballgag and spreader bar while ironing! Well, I can tell you now: it’s even more frustrating!! I am making a total mess of it… getting hot and frustrated… But it’s life; bound life!

New collar and cuffs from SM-Factory!

BL018 | Posted by Gina on 24 March 2007

I received a new collar and 2 wristcuffs from!! They are sooo nice! I am proud to have found such beautiful things in my size! They are very heavy and they feel very nice and comfortable. I made two cool videos of me putting them on and taking them off, check out the member section!

Getting cuffs to front in ballet boots

BL017 | Posted by Gina on 17 March 2007

A member request again! One of you wanted to see if I can get my hands in front of me when handcuffed behind my back. Easy! Then he asked to do the same, only this time wearing ballet boots!! It was very hard, the heels are really big… did I succeed? Just look at the picture set in the member section!