Locked in chains and boots

BL420 | Posted by Gina on 29 November 2014

A black and white update! As requested, I am wearing these awesome white boots that a fan sent me! They are great for partying! But they are even better with some leg irons! I am also locked in a tight waist chain with double handcuffs on each side, and collared, and gagged with a white ballgag. No way I can take out the gag, because my hands are so tightly cuffed to my waist. Then the excess chain on the back is attached to the leg irons, so I can not stand up anymore! Great!!!

Comments (3)

  1. That is a cure little look for you

  2. Perfect, complete bondage. Nothing to complain 🙂 Especially I like the short chain that makes it hard to stand. And the very sexy lingerie!

  3. Nice bondage, love the connection from short piece of waist chain to leg cuff which makes it impossible for you to stand, it makes a nice position to keep you in at your Master/Mistress feet

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