Clothes washing time

BL417 | Posted by Gina on 08 November 2014

For years, I have made household chores more interesting by doing them in restraints (and gags). Doing laundry is one of the worst tasks, so I love doing that in as many restraints as possible. I am tightly waist chained and cuffed with leather padlocked cuffs. I’m also leg ironed and tightly gagged of course. My attic is a bit of a mess, so it is taking me a lot of time to sort my laundry and to get it in and out of the machines. Oh well, I hope I will make someone a perfect housewife someday…

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  1. You would make an amazing housewife. You would be in chains all the time in some way, and you seem to be able to wear a tight gag for many hours 🙂

  2. I’m sure you would make the perfect housewife for anyone who is creative enough and kinky enough to enjoy every wonderful bit about you. Could be interesting to wash you, just not in the laundry.

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