Member request: long gloves

BL713 | Posted by Roxy on 06 February 2021

Yess a member request! I love doing your suggestions and ideas! I hope I will get many more. This time I was asked to wear long gloves while trying to escape Irish8’s behind my back. Well, I’m pretty sure that is impossible, but I tried it anyway! The request also mentioned a dress and heels, so I am ready to go out (to the opera?) and I think the gloves actually look amazing! They make it a little harder to handle a key actually, because they are so smooth!

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  1. hi Roxy
    superb, a very elegant slave, very good idea, very beautiful dress which brings an interrogation, chaste belt or not ???

  2. Yes of course! x

  3. I need to shackle you to a ball and chain to complete this outfit!

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