No more scratching!

BL530 | Posted by Gina on 07 January 2017

A fan sent us dog scratch things! We don’t know what they are called, but we love them! They are really good, especially to prevent someone from taking out their gag. Me and Roxanne test out these fun things, and we handcuff ourselves to our collar to make it even more exciting! With our hands like this, it is really impossible to touch our face or our hair. Now let’s hope no one will get a funny idea and pour some water in our dog scratch things!

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  1. what an inventive pair you 2 are !!!

  2. I joined because you’re in a chastity belt. Very hot!

  3. Really? Wow, thank you very much xxx

  4. I used one of these for selfbondage some years ago. It’s actually very restrictive to wear.

    We still need to get you that SM Factory collar…

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