A spanking!!

BL531 | Posted by Gina on 14 January 2017

I have always been seriously curious about spanking. And Roxanne too haha, but she is more curious about GIVING me a spanking! So we tried it, but Roxanne was not really sure how to do it properly. It hurts quite a bit, but it also feels good, which is very strange. It’s like bondage, when it is uncomfortable it feels really exciting. I don’t know! It was a strange experience, but I want more now! If you have any advice for Roxanne to learn to spank better, let us know!

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  1. Well…a good spanking should be done layer by layer.
    In the beginning your buttocks should be covered by…let’s say…skirt and panties and Roxanne should start with the first slaps on the skirt to warm you up.
    Later she should fold up the skirt and continue the spanking on the layer below.
    Finally the panty goes down and the spanking continues on your bare skin until it’s nicely red.

    What’s the next stage? You…being fixed to a St. Andrews cross and whipped by Roxanne with a flogger?

  2. It’s exciting to see Gina exploring more of her submissive side with Roxanne !!!

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