Daily life – gag and armbinder

BL422 | Posted by Gina on 13 December 2014

You know I have set myself a rule that I can not watch tv (or use the computer) when I am not restrained and gagged. I have done so for over 8 years, so I am used to it. Even some of my friends know! Usually I am in a pair of handcuffs and ballgag when I am watching tv, because that is the only thing I can do to myself. But occassionally I have some help so I get to wear more restrictive gear on my couch! Yay!! Today I am in a tight latex armbinder and tight ballgag! This is so much fun!

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  1. No black socks on this set?

  2. Well Atleast Your in chastity So if You Escape No Orgasms Or Pleasure For you >:D

  3. with me you will be in chastity belt, restrained and collar 24/7

  4. Hi Gina,

    You hold the keys to two people’s chastity belts as you are saying in your webpage but who is holding yours? xx

  5. No one 🙁

  6. I think that should be rectified Gina. No one has your keys. It leaves too many ideas open that would work. Imagine having to wait for your key to arrive via the mail? then having to mail it back? Oh the cruelty! Sounds perfect for you. Too bad you don’t have company more often. It could lead to quite a predicament for you.

  7. Mailing keys is a lot of trouble. An escape challenge before a safe locks your keys away for a week would be cool. I never did get anything I can wear the curve twists and pulls in the pants I got angry and broke it. Oh well there are worse things happening in the world. Thought about a piercing but IDK

  8. Your rule is hilarious if you think about television in general. I got out of lab super late and infomercials are playing. What do you like to watch on the internet etc? Im getting satellite and Netflix soon.

  9. Share underrated gems and favorite cinematography while you type with your toes. Hey seriously aren’t you a little worried about how often you wear gags? If the ball slips in you could die terribly. For Christmas we should get one you can breathe through.

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