The escape trial

BL413 | Posted by Gina on 11 October 2014

Here is a member requested escape challenge: I am handcuffed to my chastity belt in the back!! To add some difficulty, I am also leg ironed AND elbow cuffed with hinged handcuffs!! When I got this request, the member wasn’t aware that this would require two different keys. He was also not aware that it’s impossible to escape from elbow cuffs because forearms are too long for that. But what he (and I) did not expect was that I wouldn’t be able to escape at all!! This is a good position!

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  1. nice would have been better with a ball gag

  2. Hmmm nice bondage, really like the fact you can’t escape from it, but that must be tough on your elbows and I guess they become the first to hurt or go numb ?
    Nice to see you wearing your chastity belt


  4. No collar?

  5. Nice you wearing your g-shock again keep up the good work

  6. Love the g-shock please do some

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