Afternoon sleep

BL410 | Posted by Gina on 20 September 2014

Just a quick nap! Do you ever do this? I think it is too dangerous to sleep whole nights in a ballgag, but I can take naps! I just cuff myself and play with my phone until I fall asleep. The only problem is drooling! You drool so much sleeping ballgagged! It is like waking up in a sea of drool! I know, that doesn’t sound very pleasant. Please do not try this at home, or make sure you have a loving partner who will stay awake and watch over you. You could suffocate in your own drool if you are not experienced!!

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  1. Id like to wake up next to that :). Like the haircolor, think it suits you better then the red

  2. All the more reason for having someone next to you šŸ˜‰

  3. Great shooting. And I hope, Gina, you sleep every night with handcuffs, but on the back!

  4. Very nice! I sleep chained up every night as well. I am not gagged. but I’m chained to the bed as well.

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