Mouth spreader and leather cuffs

BL407 | Posted by Gina on 30 August 2014

Do you remember one of my favorite updates where I was outdoors, being trained with my mouth spreader (which I couldn’t really wear for a long time back then)? That was great! And then I did it again! And I got better at it! And then, a year later, I spent an entire afternoon in a fiddle and chastity belt with the mouth spreader! It was great! But I have neglected to train my mouth spreader skills, and I think my jaw has tightened again. So it was about time I went outdoors again to walk around with a gaping mouth. Just because I like it. Except when bugs fly into my mouth…

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  1. Boy, I’d love to stumble upon you in a park like that, Im sure you could carefully get down on your knees right? I don’t think bugs would be in your mouth though 😉

  2. I wish you did more fiddle stuff and a rigid stock. You spent an entire afternoon in a rigid fiddle? What update was that? You could do the rigid fiddle and rigid stocks in metal or wood. Thanks!!

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