My rule for using my phone

BL377 | Posted by Gina on 01 February 2014

As you all know by now, I have my own rules for watching TV and using the internet. I have to be gagged AND restrained. This is a self imposed rule, and I have done this for over 6 years. Most of you have chatted with me, emailed me, or written me on FetLife, and the answers you got were all sent when I was gagged and cuffed. Nowadays, with my smart phone, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain this rule. I can not quickly check my messages or emails when I am in public. I have to wait until I get home, gag myself, cuff myself, and then look at my phone. It is becoming very hard, but I have been doing okay so far!! Do you have your own little rules? Let me know!

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  1. Nice to read about your rules, Gina! I love your heels!! Gina, you’ve got a new fiddle!! How do you lock yourself into this thing?? I LOVE fiddles, when combined with a gag. Hands in front, but so far away from the gagstrap!! Have a nice day!!
    Love, D.

  2. You Need to Wear your chastity Belt too

  3. My rule is to wait up friday night to see your Saturday morning update! It’s well worth the wait.

    Just think how frustrated you would be wearing bondage mittens.

    Opt for the harness gag next time, it frames your face so wonderfully.

  4. Maybe have your ankles cuffed with irish cuffs along with your fiddle.

  5. I’m not a member now. I think you could have a fiddle on and iriish cuffs on your ankles and a rope around your neck tied to the ceiling and other places. You would then be bound. Thanks!!

  6. I LOVE when you use high heels and cuffs, could be a new rule? More HIGH HEELS!! (Please)

  7. I have two rules. One which is enforced upon me is wearing my chastity belt all the time, but that is easy to do since I don’t have the key 🙂 The other rule is that I am not allowed to sleep without being in some kind of restraints during the night. It can be something very easy or very strict, but I have to be restrained in some way during the night.

  8. wie heissen sie auf fet ?

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