Latex armbinder

BL376 | Posted by Gina on 25 January 2014

You really are crazy about my latex armbinder, aren’t you!! I got so many requests for it, that I just have to wear it again! From the front, it looks scary, like I don’t have arms!! Do you like my new bra? I don’t think it really goes with the armbinder, but that’s okay, I’m not going out like this anyway… Maybe I should do that one day 😀 But now it’s too cold for things like that… just enjoy me wriggling around in creaking latex. I still smell the rubber on my arms, even after showering!!

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  1. I love you in any kind of restraint, the more the merrier. As you are controlled more and more, the more pleased I am 🙂 You do look a bit too comfy though.

  2. oh yes outside!!
    But going outside is always good.. Maybe with a latex catsuit hidden under normal clothes?

  3. You look INCREDIBLE! 🙂 LOVE IT when you’re in your armbinder. 🙂 So sexy…

  4. Hi Gina

    One reason us male’s like the armbinder, because it pulls your arm tightly behind and your shoulders back which in turn causes you to thrust your chest forward and makes certain boobies stand even more, and make them easy target for your Mistress/Master
    Hence you always look stunning in that armbinder

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