Happy prisoner

BL370 | Posted by Gina on 14 December 2013

This is how I spent my day yesterday! It was a request from a member, and I love it!! I had to dress myself in my prison jumpsuit and then add a very specific amount of restraints. Are you ready? Here we go: waist chain with connector chain to leg irons. Extra handcuffs (besides the waist chain ones), thumbcuff, and a neck cuff! This is an insane amount of cuffs for one little prison girl! Are you afraid I will try to get away? I had to walk around in it (with bare feet) for at least 8 hours. That is as long as I can go without using the toilet. This was a great challenge, thank you very much!

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  1. Everytime I see a prisoner update I cheer internally. You make a very pretty Prisoner girl. I’d vote for more updates like this 😛

    So many restraints… O.o

  2. All prisoners should wear black socks:)

  3. Where did you get your neck cuff? I soo want one for my play scenes. You are the cutest prison girl on the internet!!!

  4. Nolan, I got it at http://www.steelbound.co.uk 😉
    I also did a shoot for them.

  5. Gina Quando posso vederti incatenata in intimo con le manettine agli alluci?

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