Heavy chain walk

BL367 | Posted by Gina on 23 November 2013

By popular request, here is me going outdoors for a walk in heeled knee boots, jeans and a lot of heavy chains! I am locked in my collar, custom wrist cuffs, and a pair of leg irons, all connected by padlocked double chains. Yes, this really is how I like to take walks, believe it or not! And from what I’ve heard, quite a few of you love this as well! It is just a shame you can not do it everywhere, as people tend to stare (or call the police on some occassions). But this time I didn’t encounter anyone, so I could enjoy my chained walk in this wonderful (but windy) autumn time!

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  1. Life in chains!!! Heaven!!!

  2. What color socks did you wear with your boots?

  3. Gina, I Love this shoot.
    You look so gorgeous in your Jeans with these boots.

  4. Thanks Jochen! Are you a member?

  5. Hi Gina, Yes I am.

  6. Thank you for your support!! xxxx hugs

  7. Man i wish i could win a 1 month trial membership XD!

  8. There are no trial memberships, because when you log in, you can download everything from the past 7 years, that is an incredible amount of content for only 19,99 🙂

  9. I would be tempted to join if there were some shoot of ye wearing 20 eye combat boots. Hubba hubba! I would even marry you for that haha! 😛

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