Drooling afternoon

BL364 | Posted by Gina on 02 November 2013

Aaaaah a quiet afternoon! Just staying indoors doing some reading… Of course, I am not allowed to read without being restrained and gagged, so here’s my choice for today: my custom built RigidFiddle and a brand new ring gag! That’s right: I have a new ring gag that is much bigger than my harness ring gag. So I could use some training time with this new gag, to get used to it. Ring gags make you drool all over the place, and that can be very annoying when you are trying to read a magazine. All of my books and magazines have drool on them!! But I like that, because I’m a little strange… do you like to read in restraints and gag? Please comment below!

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  1. It’s so nice to see you restrained AND gagged 🙂 A very peaceful look to you. Looks like you got your hair cut too. How big is this ring gag 2″ instead of the standard 1.75″?

    I tend to prefer reading the computer while a frogtied submissive in a ring gag provides some full service to me 😉

  2. Hoi Gina
    wat zie je er weer geweldig uit zeg zo!
    kan je niet een keertje komen voorlezen zo?

  3. gotta love that g-shock!

  4. New hair do? Looks cute short!

  5. That’s awesome Gina! That’s how reading and pretty much any other daily activity should be performed. In bondage and gagged as well! Right now I am lying in my bed watching TV wearing 6″ stilettos which I have locked securely on my ankles with chains and padlocks. I have also ballgagged myself tightly and locked the buckle. Later on I will go downstairs to cook some supper. Exactly as I am now, I am not unlocking myself till midnight 😉

  6. Excellent hot bondage. The new ring gag fits very well. You have to wear it often. A good chance for all kind of … fun…

  7. Ooh Gina,
    That pink g-shock really turns me on when you wear it, wish you would wear it more…and maybe add some of your other watches to spice things up..as always you look great!!!

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