Secretly gagged outdoors 😷🏜️

BL883 | Posted by Roxy on 11 May 2024

It is so exciting to do public bondage! I wanted to gag myself outdoors, but there were many people around walking their dogs. My gag is so bright, they can see it from very far. And my chastity bra is incredibly shiny, so it is very hard to do any secret bondage in public. Let me know if you also enjoy secret outdoor bondage, and leave tips in the comments for me! How do you do it? Are you scared?

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  1. Roxy send me a PRIVATE Email please so that I can explain you how you can GAGGED yourself IN PUBLIC and this WITHOUT any Problems and all the People around you WILL see you but they won’t know that you are GAGGED .

    Mistress Samantha

  2. Roxy, in public I’ve gagged my subs before but to hide the gag a handkerchief, surgical mask, or scarf works best. Chastity belts or bras can easily be hidden by clothing most of my subs wear a top that covers the bra with a pleated skirt easier for movement especially if they’re wearing any vaginal, anal or both plugs. Just recently went to an aquarium with one of my slaves. She did very well. Spent 4 hours at the aquarium with a hidden bag gag under her nose and mouth mask, full chastity steel bra, belt, thigh cuffs under black band shirt and plaid pleated skirt. Only thing noticable was her slave collar and wrist cuffs. For doing so well I treated her to an afternoon lunch for 94mins. After which the ball gag and mask went back on. Best ball gag I found to use is elastic gag open mouth or ball. Hides very well under your hair. Enjoy Roxy

  3. I usually do it at night when it is dark and people need to get very close to see my gag or cuffs.

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