The hardest escape challenge – with ZoeyZiptie ❤️🔐🔐

BL864 | Posted by Roxy on 30 December 2023

This was so much fun! It is the hardest duo predicament I have ever done. I am cuffed to the wall with my hands overhead, and Zoey is on the floor in a RigidSpreader (locks on the wrong side of course). I need to use my feet to get the key to Zoey so she can attempt to open the RigidSpreader but that is pretty much impossible. OR she needs to get the key to my hands so I can unlock my cuffs. Which also seems impossible. On top of all that, we are both gagged with huge 2 inch ballgags, it is impossible to communicate. Did we manage to get out? Watch the video to see!

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