Plastic wrap and tape 🎁

BL862 | Posted by Roxy on 16 December 2023

A lot of you are plastic wrap fans! I get requests for mummification all the time 😀 I think it is pretty cozy, and nice in the winter (because it’s too sweaty to do this in the summer). I was fully wrapped in black plastic foil and some bands of pink duct tape. This pink tape is strong! I could hardly move, even when Sir tickled me! Do you think I escaped? Watch the video to find out!

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  1. Looking good 🙂 Its just a great feeling, being hugged so tightly in plastic wrap, having experienced it myself. I decided to start a website myself for mummification, with a little bit of help from your Sir 😉 Maybe you can model for me some time, I would appreciate it

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