Ballet boots training with shock collar⚡⚡

BL850 | Posted by Roxy on 23 September 2023

This was a fan request I was not looking forward to, but it turned out to be quite fun!! Someone sent me these beautiful ballet boots and asked me to try and stand and walk in them. That’s very hard! I am not very skilled in ballet boots yet. To encourage my training, he suggested I wear a shock collar and get shocked every time I sit down for a break. Trust me, you will learn to walk in ballet heels very quickly with this training method!!

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  1. Wow, you are already very good, those heels make you, if possible, even more elegant. It would be a beautiful locktober if you add ballet boots to your chastity belt for 30 days. You are very strong, you can do it!!! Good luck with Locktober!!!

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