Request: army boots

BL602 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 26 May 2018

Army boots! What a fun request to shoot for you! Thanks for this one! I love army boots, especially the kinds that have many eyelets for the laces. They take so long to put on and take off, it almost is like bondage! You can’t just take them off! Especially when I used ankle cuffs on top of them! It’s so tight around my ankles! But it’s great too, because the boots protect my ankles and I have no problems walking in leg irons with these boots on! I hope you like my army boots update!

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  1. I LOVE these boots, had some shipped to years ago for a few customs and delighted to see them every time! Glad to hear you love wearing these types of boots, hopefully more updates in the future with these amazing style of boots. :D And I agree wearing them is almost like bondage, I have a pair of 30 eyelet that take forever to get on and off.

  2. I think these are yours then! I was in their studio when I found them!

  3. Do you have social media

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