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BL600 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 12 May 2018

600 updates! I never thought I would reach 600 when I started this site! Every Saturday, from November 2006, almost 12 years I did a picture set and video for you! I have grown 12 years older and I have changed a lot, but I always loved bondage and I always will. I think it is time to stop soon maybe. Not many fetish sites have run for this long and certainly not many girls have been updating for this long! I’m 30 now!! Can you believe it? It was great to share my life with you and you have been such faithful fans. I hope some of the fans from 2006 are still here. I will think about the future and let you know. Meanwhile, enjoy this fun hogcuff with Roxanne!

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  1. Oh, don’t go away please :(

  2. I am sure I would be of a large number of your fans who would be hugely disappointed if you gave up. You are still producing fantastic pictures and videos. I guess everything good comes to an end sometime – but how about 1000 updates!

  3. Be rebel, do not worry what are beauty ‘standards’, show us you as you are and be proud.

  4. Zou snappen dat je er een keer mee zou stoppen. Begrijp je keuze dan wel! Heb wel altijd van je genoten!
    Groet en trouwe fan!

  5. Congratulations on 12 wonderful years and going strong! Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. :)

  6. Well, it really would be a loss not to see your new updates every Saturday morning.
    But anyway…I also would love to see more of Roxanne. She’s doing a wonderful Job together with you. I love the updates of both of you being bound together. And I also love her feature on HuCows where she got her boobs milked. You should do more of that, Roxanne.
    Should Roxanne continue with BL…would that mean she’s finally going to be belted and Gina acts as her keyholder? That would be something to look forward to.

  7. It would surely be a major loss if you were to stop appearing on your site — your updates are actually something I look forward to each Saturday!

  8. Are you a member, P?

  9. you’ve come this far, why stop now? You still look stunning, and still have a lot of experiences to get through ;)

  10. Gina, yeah I just look on your site once every 3 months. I was interested in trying chastity because your not one of those cliche domimatrix sorts. A girl who moved back in with her family had surprised me with the curve which I couldnt actually wear because it would get twisted in my pants when I tried to run. Anyway I liked it for short durations because of the way it held me and by keeping me from masturbating it left me with more energy to go out. I already was a workaholic to begin with and when I do get in or back from the gym its too easy to just sit and stay put.

    Anyway it might be alright for you to quite modeling on your own site. I get the feeling that all those years ago it was a way that you released stress by just staying put and having the camera man or camera woman be responsible for you. Of course if you look at almost any of the other sites the act of giving power to the wrong people is catastrophic. It may soon get the point where these sort of things become offensive. Lastly not to be critical but if you look bacl to the original cb shoot you did where you were frusteated in your tshirt with the mental institute restarints I wonder if all your rules on ball gags and collers has worn on your complexion.
    You might try meditation to relax. I kind of like that app “headspace” its a little buggy and has a lot of adds. You can find all kinds of meditation materials online.
    Also even if you keep or upgrade your chastity belt it woild be nice knowimg someone had your key who was in a relationship with you. Its attractive to edge a girl until she is half crazy but eventually you need a relationship too.

  11. Im not a member, but been here from the 2006 :)

  12. I have been here from update number one and check the site every saturday. I really hope that you will continue, but I understand if you won’t.

  13. As a longtime member: Oh noooooo, please don’t stop with bondage shootings and this site. Since years every Saturday is a special day :-) And Gina, you are saying, you are 30 now: Not a problem at all, but the start into a new bondage era :-)

  14. Dear Gina,
    Round anniversaries (600 & 30) tend to make people philosophical about things like life and future. It’s your life though, so if you decide to stop, it’s your decision and I can only say a big thank you for sharing your bound life with us for the last 12 years. But ? and I think I can say this for all your fans here ? I see no reason for you to pull the plug: update #600 is just as amazing like the first one, and those cuffs look as good on you as ever ! :)
    So I wish you all the best in every aspect of your life, whatever you decide to do in the future, have lots and lots of fun with your bondage games, private or published; while hoping that you’ll keep sharing your adventures with us for many more years to come!

  15. Gina, I will get back with you.

  16. Another day one (and 30 years too) fan reporting here!!! All this 12 years I had visited your site monthly and enjoyed every update you uploaded to this web page. Maybe this can sound funny, but you entrusted me to tell my best friend that I love too much bondage and ask for some advice for her. Well, she is not more only my friend, but she is now my super pretty and bondage loving wife now!!! Thank you for male me see loving bondage isn’t something weird, but a way to enjoy life and relationships.

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