Duo Irish 8 escape challenge

BL592 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 17 March 2018

We can’t escape from Irish 8 cuffs with our wrists stacked behind our backs. We have tried, many many times. It is very hard. But this challenge is different, since we are allowed to help each other! Can we do it then? It is still hard, and Roxanne does not have much experience with these cuffs. We really didn’t know what would happen, but we gave it our best shot!

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  1. Are you planning to leave us and your site?

  2. I really hope this poll is not the first sign of you saying “Good bye”. This site would not be the same anymore without Gina showing us her way of bound life.

    But should it really be the time for you to retire…then I certainly hope it’s going to be Roxanne to take over. Roxanne really is a cute Meisje and I absolutely would love to see her in a belt, in a metal bra and locked in the fanciest positions.

  3. I hope this doesn’t mean that you are leaving Gina. I have enjoyed you here every week since the very first post, and I am still hoping I can continue looking forward to each saturday.

  4. While I hope too, that your are not planning to leave us, it’s not easy to vote for the next girl just like that.
    We can see Sophie and Roxanne, but we didn’t had the chance to know better WendyWarrior yet. Judging by her comments, she seems to be enthusiastic about bondage (and metal bondage of that, which is great), but maybe you should give her a chance to introduce herself a bit more in a post here.
    What do you think, Gina, Wendy?

  5. I already have a Clips4Sale account, some social networks (Twitter and FetLife among others), etc. I love chastity (I own some unique pieces of metal).
    I am not a newbie in bondage…

  6. Well, it would be a sad day of you really would quit. I totally enjoy your new adventures every Saturday.
    But should Roxanne take over there is some hope of some „Special Appearences of Gina“

  7. If you want to see what I do, check my C4S: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/109544

    I don’t do only chastity: I also do zentai, rope, …

  8. And I forgot to precise: my casual chastity armor weighs 7.4 kg.

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