Hogtied Friday evening

BL586 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 03 February 2018

Yesterday evening, I tried to spend as much time as I could hogtied on the couch. Roxanne put me there and I asked here to leave me for a while. When she came back I couldn’t even guess how long it had been. She said it had been about 3 hours!! There’s no way I believe that, time went by so fast! Maybe I even slept for a while (I gag sleep ballgagged, don’t try that at home). It’s so comfortable to spend some time like this! I am cuffed and gagged so much that I really miss it when I’m not. At work, I can’t be cuffed or gagged (I’m a nurse for elderly people, they wouldn’t understand), although I am belted of course, and often wear my collar. What’s your most comfortable experience?

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  1. Have you considered a collar such as EternityCollar, Ring of Steel or similar for permanent wear, or would that be too much trouble to wear it with other collars?

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